Saturday, January 10, 2009

Livin’ La Vida Loca

“It’s freakin’ freezing outside!!!”

Winter is getting into my nerves now. It was so cold today that my nose, fingers and toes were black and blue while I waited for the slowest bus ever to come! Working on a Saturday is torment enough but to go through the extreme numbing temperature outside is asking too much. I know, I know it’s not my boss’s fault but it’s really not helping. I’m supposed to be sleeping in, in a warm bed, oblivious to the uninhabitable condition of the outside world.

There I am, got to work half asleep and half frozen. Worked until 3:30 pm and dreaded to brave the outside again for home. The temperature is at -9C but with the wind chill, it feels like -17C. It’s not snowing anymore but the wind is like a sharp sword lashing on my skin. Mutters to myself, “I hate winter”! I thought if I make my way home as quick as possible, then I’ll be warm and cozy at home in no time.

Maybe winter heard me and convinced fate to delay my bus. So I waited for the longest time by the bus stop. The cold is creeping through the soles of my thick snow boots, through the thick linings of my coat, my fingers were frozen inside my coat pockets and I can’t feel my nose! My feet is so cold that I was already doing tap dance to relieve it from its contact of the freezing pavement. I’m hungry and cold and the bus is nowhere in sight. Oh! “What the XXXX am I doing here in Canada??” The rest of the self check questions went on and on.... my soul is broken.

Only one thing can bring warmth to my frozen spirit......

Lugaw --- perfect pinoy comfort food

yup... that'll do!


Anonymous said...

i need some comfort food too! i'm under the weather :-(

i dropped by chowking and bought a congee.. pwede na rin

EM said...

Awww Juleste. If you're here, you can have a much home made congee as you want. With all the trimmings..hehe.

I miss the chinese congee we have there.