Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bato Bato Piks Birthday Celebration!

Here it is! Finally! The pictures of the party!

The cake courtesy of Jules of Shift +7. The best of Goldilocks !

The food! I cooked 7 dishes on this day! Six of them in the picture.

This is a fovorite and the 7th dish!

Who could resist a game of pinata?? hehe

Happy Birthday Bato Bato Pik! Mommy loves you!


the donG said...

wow! happy happy birthday! all the food looks delicious. kuhang kuha ng picture ang sarap ng selebrasyon.

wish we were there.

Share my point of view... said...

Horray, after being exhausted with the recent state of events[including the scare and my diet] I have died the second time after looking at the photo of the dishes. MMmmMMmm!!!

Happy birthday and your son is so cute I feel like pinching his cheeks! *sends an e-pinch*

=D Enjoy your party and thanks for your kind words!

EM said...

Thanks Dong!

It's true, me too, wish you can travel as far as Canada. That would be truly awesome!

In time... who knows? The future is open to all possibilities!


EM said...

hehe Share!! Sorry to have caused you a second death! How many do you have left? I hope i will not do this on you while you are in a diet.

I 'm glad your dad is out of danger now. I hope he gets well in a jiffy!

Share... the cute kid on the picture is my nephew. My son is 15 years old already. The fist (rock) on the last picture is his. The other hand with the scissor is my daughters and she's 11 years old. But I must say as a mom, that indeed my son is cute and a big baby (he's actually taller and bigger than me now). :D

Thanks for the greeting.

Anonymous said...

one of the cake monsters at home ate the cake with gusto while saying 'atap, mommie' [delicious].

siguro 'yung bbq katapat na ng Grill Queen dito. Yummy!!

EM said...

Hehe... the cake monsters had a blast!

I can't seem to remember Grill Queen but the bbq stall near our place in Sampaloc is the best I can remember. I think i can't even replicate that.

thanks for the cake Jules!

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday to your son,i got here thru WS.

EM said...

Thanks Fickleminded! Actually it's not my sons birthday. It's my blogs first year anniversary.

Nice of you to visit from WS!

SeƱor Enrique said...


EM said...

thanks Senior! And to you too for your 3rd year anniversary!