Sunday, September 28, 2008

When it rains... it pours...

I never knew Bato Bato Piks birthday will be this significant. Gifts keeps coming in. Sometimes it's a bit scary. The sneaky stork left a shoe box full of sunshine beside my door. It's darn and excruciatingly big. I bit my lip while I watch my daughter dance with joy. It's like Christmas for her.... hehe. This is way too much of a gift. It almost made us feel (well, mostly me) undeserving of such generosity. I would like to have a talk to the sneaky stork about this...

But first I'd like to celebrate this wonderful gift. I have to get my guilt behind and just be glad of such blessings. To my friend... our friendship is priceless.

As Emily Dickinson put it:

The Daisy follows soft the Sun ---

And when his golden walk is done -

Sits Shyly at his feet --

He - waking - finds the flower there -

Wherefore - Marauder - art thou thee?

Because, Sir, love is sweet!


Share my point of view... said...

Very nice video again! It's very suited to the message you're trying to get across to your readers.

"Because, Sir, love is sweet!"

I'd say diecast/rement/food are just as sweet. ;) Actually, there is nothing to be likened to a true friendship. That together with love is the most valuable things in a person's life.

Signing off at 3:30am

XLI said...

SPLIT the lark and you ’ll find the music,
Bulb after bulb, in silver rolled,
Scantily dealt to the summer morning,
Saved for your ear when lutes be old.

Loose the flood, you shall find it patent,
Gush after gush, reserved for you;
Scarlet experiment! sceptic Thomas,
Now, do you doubt that your bird was true?

* E. Dickinson *

EM said...

Thanks Share! I'd like to make you one sometime... maybe on your birthday? But you need to give me your favorite song and pictures...

You sleep sooo late... (or so early???) :) remember ... we need our beauty sleep...

have a good day!

EM said...

hey xli! That's a good one! I wonder if that is in the book I have of Emily Dickinson's poetry.

I guess you're also a fan of ED. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your poem!

Lawstude said...

Happy, happy birthday em and more birthdays to come. The video is neat.

EM said...

Thank you Lawstude!

It's my blogs birthday, not me. I don't wanna get old twice in a year...hehe.

You had some nice photstory on your blog too!

Share my point of view... said...

I've been insomniac for years. These days I go to bed at 6am. Weird timing. ;)

Thank you so much for your kind offer but I'm too embarrassed to accept your offer ! I've done nothing spectacular to deserve such.

Have a nice day! =)

EM said...

What are you saying share? Being born is expectacular enough! Don't be embarrassed. Send me your song, pictures you love (i could get it from your blog if you want).

It'll be fun! Think about it! Don't say no please...

Share my point of view... said...

=D Any song will do, but I prefer instrumental songs if you have them in your music library! A motivational video/poem on life is great. It will be suited for everyone.

But, yes! It's very kind of you to offer that.

EM said...

Share, It's a done deal then! I will work on a gift for you. You might want to set up an email for me to send it too. Not right now, but hopefully before your birthday. uh? when is your birthday again?