Saturday, September 20, 2008

Shift +7 's gift to Bato Bato Pik!

I was surprised to receive this gift from a friend blogger. Well... I did sent out invitations right? And true enough she came, celebrate and brougth this gift. It's already 1:25 AM right now, morning of September 21. I just got home from a family get together to celebrate my nephews birthday. I cooked the whole day of the 20th and went straight to the venue. I felt a bit guilty for not posting an entry on the 20th but I do need to take care of family right? Anyway, I promised to celebrate my baby's (Bato Bato Pik) birthday for a week.

I will start with this gift that we received from Shift+7. The cake looks soooo scrumptious!

This is a very lovely gift. A photostory highlighting three themes. First is Batobato Pik's birthmonth of September with the September song. Second, is the birthday song itself with candle blowing. And third, the wishes... accompanied by the song "Til There was You".

I thank you Jules of Shift+7 for the wonderful gift. It's not easy to make photostories. I've tried it once and it takes alot of patience to connect pictures with the accompanying song. It takes time to split videos, insert pictures and be able to attach the perfect transitions and effects. I had been fortunate to see some of her other works. She's the master of photostories.

It seemed that saying thanks is not enough for this wonderful gift. For now, please accept it. In time, I maybe able to find the proper means of giving back to you ... all the wonderful things that you made me feel.

And I still owe you the 20 or more birthday questions that I have to answer. They will all be blogged. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Thank you!


Share my point of view... said...

Happy birthday to Bato Bato Pik!
Jules did a great and suitable photostory highlighting BBP's timeline.
Congrats for hitting the big '1'. Soon it's be '2' and so on...

Sorry for being late! I had my adrenaline rush and finished Brisingr the same day. I was very happy to continue Eragon's journey.

EM said...

Thanks Share!

Oh! I haven't received mine yet. I am sooo tempted to ask how did it go? But don't tell!!

Aww... we'll I have to get some birthday posts out before I satrt reading. That's a promise!

thanks for the greeting again!

Anonymous said...

you're welcome, em :)