Sunday, September 14, 2008

Guess what's coming?? :)

Click to play Birthday!
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Jessica said...

That is a joyous occasion!

But urm, the video/animation isn't loading for me. =( Tried a few times but somehow it won't load.

Share my point of view... said...

Anyway, I tried for another time but strangely it won't work. I bet it's my ISP acting up again.

PS. That was me earlier posting under my cousin's[Jessica]account. =)

juleste said...

At exactly 8:01 PM, Sept 20th, Uno and Jed plus their stage mom are coming to celebrate with you on your blog's special day :-)

Advance happy, happy birthday Bato Bato Pik!!


juleste said...

i like the animated invitation! can i take one of the bakers/chef home? hehe

parang give away 'no!

EM said...

Awww Jessica aka Share...hehe
how come you can't play it? hmmm... please do try it again sometime. And you are invited you know? so please do come. be in your best attire... and we'll have fun!

I have a surprise for everybody!

EM said...

YUP!! The more the merrier Juleste! Yey! can't wait!

thanks for the greeting!

Share my point of view... said...

YES! I managed to get it to work this time!

Awesome animation! And Happy Anniversary!

I love it so much that I shall be making one for my own birthday. XD

EM said...

hmmm.... i can smell an invitation...hehe

I'm glad you were able to view it Share!

Thanks for the greeting!

the donG said...

yihaa! one year na pala ito. congratulations. not a lot of bloggers reach one year in maintaining and loving their blog.

happy happy birthday to your blog!

Share my point of view... said...

Ah, yes! But hopefully I do not die from my diet before October. =P