Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pre-Birthday Reflections....

It’s my baby’s first birthday! Yes, Bato Bato Pik will be one year on the 20th of September. It was exactly 8:01 pm when I posted my first entry entitled “Sino Ito” (Who is this?). It was the day I finally had the courage to share to the world wide web my piece of mind.

Why Bato Bato Pik? What’s behind the name? Bato Bato Pik is the Filipino equivalent of the “Rock, Paper, Scissor” game. Since this blog was made and dedicated to my two children, I thought I should get their attention through the game they are very familiar with. And with that, impart to them the lesson about choices. I made a poem, entitled "I Chose” to highlight this message. My objective is to let my children see and appreciate the beauty of free expression of thoughts through creative writing. To be able to articulate their emotions through pictures, poetry, places, music, food, occasions, books, movies... everything under the sun in a positive way. Not just being able to communicate but at the same time share the celebration of expression to others.

My Bato Bato Pik has acquired 3 faces. It's fortunate that a friend was able to save a screen shot of the original skin. It was born late summer of last year with a lighthouse skin. Slowly grew though winter. Slowly and surely. Threading the ebbs and tides of the world wide web.
Spring came and it shed it's birth skin, aquired this springy green color. Became more bold, acquired friends, acquired confidence and felt accepted.

Just recently, it changed to this color in time for the fall season.

After One year... after 143 posts.... where did it take me? Surprisingly, this blog has been my refuge, a sweet escape. It just takes me away, a secret place, to better days, a hiding place. It is a place I go, where nobody knows, where the rivers flows, no one cries and I call it home. The previous sentences are from a song which I associate so closely to my blog at the moment. I found relief from everyday drab, found respite from pent up sentiments, and most of all... found great friends from across the miles.

Bato Bato Pik is my pocketful of sunshine (as Natasha Bedingfield's song has aptly put it)!


Anonymous said...

Advance happy blogday!

Can I ask [blog] birthday questions? With follow up questions, of course :-)

the donG said...

wow! it's really nice to remember how one's blog started. as early as now im already thinking of how i'll be celebrating my one year in the blogging world. that'll still be january but i think i have to prepare as early as now. hehehe...

advance happy blogday!

it's nice to know why you picked bato bato pick because i was also thinking why it's named like that. now i've got the answer.

keep blogging em!

EM said...

Thanks Juleste!

Of course you can ask blog birthday questions!! I'm just not so sure if I can answer them ...hehe. I'll do my best so don't ask difficult questions, k?

Thanks again!

EM said...

I did not know that my baby blog is older than your baby. So I am smelling a grand celebration come January, Dong!

Thank you for the greeting! I will also take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of Bato Bato Piks life. Thank you so much!

There'll be more blog birthday related entires in the coming days.

Thanks for the encouragement Dong. As long as friends like you are around, i'll be inspired to keep on blogging!

Share my point of view... said...

Aha! So that's the meaning behind the name. A very cleverly named-blog, I should say!

When I was younger, we would use paper/rocks/scissors to determine who will have to do the chores. XD

So, it's soon to be time for celebration...have a nice weekend ahead!

Lawstude said...

happy, happy birthday Em. And cheers for more blogging years.

sorry for not visiting sooner, i am still in my vacation in boracay and it is partly raining here so i got a chance to do some blogging. be back browsing in a jiffy. have a nice day.

EM said...

Thanks Lawstude!!

No worries and no need to apologize at all. Enjoy your vacation! We are looking forward to your pasalubong!

ingat and best regards.

caryn said...

happy happy birthday to your blog ;-) thanks for sharing how you started blogging!

EM said...

I'm really sorry i missed to respond to your comment Share! I missed it somehow and it's my bad.

Thank you for the greeting and the best wishes!

That's how me and my siblings also make decisions when we were young. isn't it more simpler then? :D

EM said...

Thank you Caryn! Thank you for the warm wishes. And welcome to my humble blog.

and at the same time, you are welcome. Please feel at home at Bato Bato Pik.