Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Blog Questions and Answers... As Promised!

A friend sent me birthday blog questions. There are only 20 or more questions anyway, so how hard can that be? I read and read and read… my oh my… I felt like I’m in a quiz bee or something. Kidding aside… I promised her that I’m going to answer all her questions and blog about it. So, I’m just keeping a promise and hope that I will not make a fool out of myself …and or put the poor readers to sleep….

So here goes….


1. Of all the days, why September 20?

Hmmm… there’s no particular or special reason for the date. It could very well be the weather…hehe. This is quite true in a sense. September is the end of the summer season. People are slowly crawling back to their niches in anticipation of the cold weather ahead. It’s back to the cold days and school days and staying at home most of the time just gives the imagination an extra kick. It was also in September when my daughter said she wanted to have a Blog of her own. It was good that she is interested in writing because it’s the best way to express one self. I thought I should make a blog too, just to show them how things are done. A blog they can go in and read and know their Mom better.

2.Do you keep hard copies of your articles? Do you save each file in your HD?

Nope. I have not saved any in my HD. If for some reason, the www crashed to smithereens … I’m doomed.

3. You prefer to post articles that radiate positive outlook in life. Is there a time that you struggled to give positive light?

It’s a real struggle at times. There were times that I’m tempted to just rant and rant and complain. You know what? Life is a bed of roses! But these roses have thorns and once in awhile we get pricked. My children should be able to see not just the roses but the thorns as well to learn important lessons in life. Sometimes they need to see the dark to be able to appreciate the light. The only difference that I made is that I choose to express sadness, frustrations, and disappointments more in poetry.

4. Your posts are categorized as pictures, poetry, places, music, food, occasions, books, movies, etc. Do you have a favorite post for each category?

Wow… all posts are dear to my heart. Some of them are short and some of them are howling in excitement. I love my poetry… I like “Kuya Kuya”, “Mga Munti kong Anghel” at “Sino Ito”. In the food category, I like the Brazo de Mercedes the best. My favorite post in Sights and Places category is our trek at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Special occasions are meant to be special, Birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

5. Is there a post that you consider as the best entry/article?

Honestly, I need someone else to tell me this. My best entry is the one that really brought out the finest in me. Something that has exhausted all the best I can give it in terms of creativeness and resourcefulness.


1. Who is Em according to her blog?

Em is just an ordinary lady who longs to write about the things around her in a world completely different from where she was brought up. So, Em, I guess is a frustrated poet, a fan of fiction stories and a cook at heart. Em, If I could say this is also a hopeless romantic…lol

2. What are the lessons that you learned as a blogger?

I learned that distance is not a hindrance to friendship. I learned that if I keep throwing out there what I love doing, the universe will eventually reciprocate in kind. :) It’s from a famous quote of Ophra. This quote was shared to me by a popular blogger Senior Enrique and it just so true.

3. What do you consider as your greatest strength and biggest weakness as a blogger?

My weakness is my lack of confidence in writing. I definitely need to improve my creative writing ability. My strength?? Hehe…I can think of so many weaknesses but strength? Hmmm… if I really must think…. my strength is my unlimited imagination and having myself as my best fan. I love reading my posts over and over...

4. Has anything ever irritated you in blogosphere?

The blogosphere is as huge as the universe and as unpredictable. I surely came by blogs that I am not comfortable with. But it doesn’t mean they have no right to be there. It’s freedom of expression and I just need to respect that.

5. Please share with us your blogging routine.

Blogging routine? Some days I’m just totally too exhausted to blog. Being in a challenging work environment do takes its toll to my already growing old mind. But when I have good picture or a good idea in mind, tired or not, I will write something. Inspiration counts a lot too.


1. There are six bloggers in your blogroll. How did you stumble upon their blogs?

There’s only six there but they are so loved and treasured. The first blog that made it to my top picks was my friend’s blog from back home.

Then it was Senior Enrique’s Wish You were Here. I discovered his blog from my various blog-hopping stints. The way he writes his short stories and the many vivid pictures he has of back home is truly remarkable. I wish I could write as eloquent as him. He’s my creative writing guru.

Then there was Shift+7 blog. Owned by a warm, sweet, vivacious teacher who is simply contagious. Her blog tells about life, family, the true calling of being an educator, a lover of books and poetry. She left a comment about my poem and from then, friendship started and blossomed.

Then, there were this two travel blogs that I happen to frequent. I love the way they capture the beautiful places of back home. Lawstude and Escapo are my top travel blog picks. They take me to places I have never been or reminds me of places I’ve been. They are also gracious and respectful hosts.

The most recent one is a blog named “Where Life is full of Uncertainty”. I named the young owner Share. We share fondness of the same books and movies. We are both waiting for the arrival of our pre-ordered Brisingr book of Christopher Paolini.

2. You consider them as your friends. How do you define friendship that is technology-based and what makes it different from other kinds of friendships?

As I mentioned earlier, being far from someone will not hold back the friendship. The important thing is to maintain the communication and the love inside. I guess it’s a lot harder to not physically see each but the emotional intensity between communications always compensate for it.

3. Do you see yourself meeting them personally?

I will answer this with a phrase said to me by my very first best e-friend. “I am a realistic, and I do know that the chances of us meeting personally are not extremely in our favor. But at the same time I am a romantic, and I am open to the possibilities of whatever the future holds”. Awww!

3. Do they make a difference in your life? How?

Every friendship makes a difference in life. The value of friendship has transcended time and space. I have experienced the best and the worst in friendship. ehe… I will have to use the lyrics of Natasha Bedingfield song to describe the difference my e-friends make in my life:

“They take me away
A secret place
A sweet escape
To better days
A hiding place
Where nobody know
Where the river flows
And there no more lies
There’s only butterflies.”

4. Are there other bloggers that you admire aside from those in your blogroll?

Hmmm…there’s a cooking blog that I frequent only for the recipes. It’s unfortunate that I don’t have the luxury of time to check out other blogs. I’m sure there are more fantastic blogs out there waiting to be discovered.


1. What are your dreams for your children?

I only want them to be respectful of people around them. To value charity and service to the less fortunate. To find refuge and faith to the Lord. To love and be loved unconditionally.

2. How do you rate yourself as a mom?

Hmmm… another question that only my children could answer. All I can say is that I did my best. I'm a fussy mom, strict when it comes to studies and doing homeworks.

3. What do you miss most about the Philippines?

Too many to mention. I miss the food, I miss the beaches, I miss my friends and our gimmicks and happenings. I miss the laid back life in the provinces.

4. How do you cope up with work related stress?

After a stressful work, I always pass by the mall on my way home. So I guess shopping does it. Sometimes, I will subject myself to a cooking marathon.

5. Have you ever experienced racial discrimination?

Fortunately not.

6. You said once that you’re in your best element when you’re cooking. Are there other things that you feel passionate about?

Believe it or not. I am also passionate about teaching. There have not been any opportunity for me to do so but it’s the next best thing after cooking. LOL ... and shopping!

7. If you were a song, a movie and a day, what would you be?

The most challenging question! Songs have been a part of my life since I was young and i have always associated every phase of my life with a song. when I was in the University, my song was "Do You Know?". It goes like this, "do you know where you're going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you.. do you know...". I was completely clueless then...hehe. When i'm in love my song would be "Just Another Woman In Love". When I got heart broken my song was "Sad Movie". There was a phase in my life that I feel soo "I Will Survive". Now, I guess … I’d be “Happy” by Natasha Bedingfield.

If I’m a movie? Hmmm... this is tough for the only movie I watch are fiction, fantasy and comedy. Should I say Desperate Housewives??? LOL... Maybe Mama Mia... yes... i guess that's much better.

A day? A Wednesday! Did I just made that up?? Hehe… it’s a half way day of the week when the pull between work and home is balanced.

8. Who is your major influence in life?

Hmm… I should say most of my inspirations came from my faith in God.

9. What is the best advice that you can offer to anybody?

The same advice I give my children. Respect others, this goes to all people, to all living things, to your surroundings. Do your best and still be humble about it. Celebrate love and have faith in God.

10. What is your beauty secret?

My beauty secret? Love of family and friends….. :)


Whew!!!! Almost fell asleep !!!

I just re-read what I wrote above and I am tempted to remove it from this blog. I know that all these answers are not the greatest or the wisest. But, inspite of that, I have decided to leave it in. I guess all of you will be shocked at some of my answers and that if I don't hear from anyone again, that I have scared them off (either that or I have put you all to sleep). In any event, I do hope to hear from you.


Share my point of view... said...

"A blog they can go in and read and know their Mom better. "

I'm impressed with that line. Very rarely have I seen a parent that would create his/her own blog for the sake of keeping up with children apart from bridging their difference. I applaud your actions. It is indeed appropriate and beneficial to them!

"I just re-read what I wrote above and I am tempted to remove it from this blog. I know that all these answers are not the greatest or the wisest."

Contrary to what you said, I believe that those are among the wisest answers I've read.

"My weakness is my lack of confidence in writing"

You have to be confident of your answers too! All in all, great Q&A session.

EM said...

Thanks for the beautiful comment Share!

And yes, I do need to be confident on my answers. I will definitely try to do so.

... and thanks for not falling asleep... :)

Anonymous said...

the Q&As help us know you better em.

btw, the boys of reason have their own interpretation of BBP:

Jed: 'to-to-pip!
Uno: 'ato-ato-pink!

the donG said...

we learn a lot from this em. we learn about you. we learn about what you love, who you love and the blogs that you love.

thanks for making me part of this list. i too enjoy this personal blog.

thanks and hope to meet you when you happen to be in the philippines.

EM said...

Cute versions of BBP!! are they playing batobatopik now, Juleste?

I know the Q&A is a good thing. Thanks for taking time to read such a long post.

Have a good day!

EM said...

Thanks Dong! The pleasure is mine really!

And yes, definitely... when i get the chance to go back home, I hope to meet up with all you guys...

Señor Enrique said...

Wow! Many thanks, EM :)

EM said...

And thanks to you senior I was able to answer some of these hard questions. :)

more power to your blog!