Sunday, September 14, 2008

One Naked Apple

My daugther was helping me make apple pie this afternoon. She was peeling the apples when an idea popped into her head. Probably brought about the monotony of her task, she placed a newly peeled apple on top of another unpeeled apple, and said "there's your naked apple".

Next thing she took the above shot! What a shot!


Anonymous said...

great shot! considering a career in photography?

"naked apple"?... a good metaphor too hehe

Share my point of view... said...

Eh,the title was misleading at first. XD
Very beautiful shot, she should really consider photography in her spare time.

EM said...

hehe...thanks Juleste!! she is slowly learning and there were times that she does very good.

methapor? lol... i knew that word is an attention getter! lol...

EM said...

Sorry Share! She's only 11 and she has her own camera to tinker and learn. This shot was taken by my camera though. I do encourage her to be very interested in arts.

Thanks for visiting Share .. hope u don't mind me giving you a shorter name.

have a nice day!

Jessica said...

Not at all. I go by many names.

It's wonderful for you to encourage her to be artistic!