Sunday, November 30, 2008

A big applause to Queen Anne

Meet Queen Anne wearing a black and white ensemble. Luxurious white laces shaped of petals covers her top and flows down on one side of her waist.

The form fitting velvet skirt met at knee length a flounce of organza flowing from her back. A single diamond flower adorns her neck.

Intricate and classy, Queen Anne is a sight to behold.

Night and day, dark and light... Queen Annes' choice of gown has demonstrated her love of balance and equality. Precisely the sentiment of it's recipient.
This is her before picture.


Share my point of view... said...

Hmm...I actually preferred the blue evening dress because I personally think that blue goes well for almost all occasion. I also like to think that blue is the new black. ;)

7/10 for the beautiful Queen Anne!

the donG said...

hehehe... kakatuwa ka talaga em. this makes this blog unique.

EM said...

Thanks Share! I think the blue evening dress is the sexiest too! But I don't wanna influence the judges...hehe.

I have 4 more to show!

thanks again !

EM said...

Thanks Dong.... pasensya na at pang girlie ang aking mga post ngayon. Pero kailangan talaga na bumoto ka pag katapos ng show.

salamat ulit

Anonymous said...

the combination is perfect for showing some opposite feelings