Friday, November 21, 2008

The Farm and Mills & Boons...

My recent escapade to the farm has brought back a memory. It’s like I’ve seen this place somewhere before. Yeah... I’ve seen it in my imagination. The wooden barn, the stable of horses and the serene quietness of the place were all elegantly described in the romance book I was first reading during those teen years. It all reminds me of the Mills and Boons romance books. It is really funny now looking back. Those romance books characters would include Earls, Dukes to the extent of Prince and Princesses. A real classic romance fantasy in the likes of Princess Diana and almost like .... the Shrek! LOL

Below is a classic example of the Mills and Boons I usually read during my teens years.

THE TART SHOPPE by Phyllis Taylor Pianka

The sign outside The Tart Shoppe door came as a welcome relief to Lady Constance. She and her Aunt Millicent were travelling from Cornwall to London. Yet afflicted as she was with a violent illness, Constance simply had to lie down. Surely this country house would not deny them lodging for the night? The inn was unexpectedly comfortable and strangely ornate. Little did Constance suspect what events would befall her. In her exhausted slumber she didn't know that Jeremy St. James, a rakish earl, was frequenting the establishment, nor did she stir when he knowingly entered her bedchamber!

LOL. I wished I have saved even one of those paperback pocket books.


Share my point of view... said...

Wow! Certainly sounds like a great romance novel. ;)

Anonymous said...

Mills and Boons haha! Before I discovered Sydney Sheldon and Harold Robbins, I was into M&B too when I was a teener. In every story, no matter how complicated the plot was, the main characters always end up with each other. Such romantic escapades haha.

The earl and the lady look like they're in for an unforgettable encounter.

I wasn't able to save any M&B too and I don't know if its still availabe in local bookshops here.

EM said...

It was Share! It certainly did it's purpose in my mind. I began to imagine an Eart or a duke in some part of London is destined to find me and marry me! LOL

Well... we all have our prince charmings. You will find yours and it will be great! Just don't forget that you're a princess yourself and desrved to be treated like one.

EM said...

I guess we both have some Mills and Boons in us Juleste. But really... i just love those royal romances mainly because they are so far fetched from reality. It's like the fantasy stories I love to read right now. They take me to a completely different world.

Which reminds me.... I am organizing a parade soon. A parade of Queens.

Share my point of view... said...

Hmm...I love reading because it takes me to a whole new world with wonders. It certainly helped me during the darkest period in my life.

EM said...

I'm glad it helped you Share. Sometimes we need something to hold on as we go through the roughest part of our life's journey.

Have a wonderful weekend!