Sunday, November 23, 2008

Parade of Queens, The Beginning

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is just around the corner and I’m left with the dilemma of what gift is best to give. I know that it’s the thought that matters but wouldn’t it be great if I can make it a step better? Not to mention the fact that we had fun the last time we did this. I can also remember how delighted the recipients were when they received these gifts.

So here we are again. Last year was the parade of princesses. My mom, my daughter and I have embarked on a mission to transform ordinary ballerinas to elegant princesses. The same team is now embarking on the mission of transformations in the likes of Cinderella. I could have just bought this in the big malls but it is so pricy considering the fact that I can (with the help of my mom) make one and be able to design it according to the preference of the person i’m going to give it to.

One Saturday morning, we went to this specialty store that sells these jewellery holders mannequins at a much lesser price. It is priced so because the dresses were not that pretty. It doesn’t matter at this point because we are going to change the dresses anyway. I bought bigger ones this time because I want them to be queens after. Last year was petitie ballerinas, this time they are bigger.

Meet the future Queens. They look okay... but they can be really really better.

We went to the fabric store next to buy some supplies. We need some really nice fabrics but we hope to get some at low price. All we need to do is rummage through the leftover fabrics which were being sold in a much much lower price. We were very please with what we found. We also needed some really classy laces.

Then it's time to bring out the beads, crystals, flowerettes and all the ornaments we need. Our imaginations are in full gear by now. We have searched the internet of very good gown designs that we can replicate and hopefully apply our own personal touches.

This is our workshop. My mom is incharge of the sewing machine. Me and my daughter is incharge of the glue gun. We all have inputs to the design of the gown we will be doing. I'm also the official photographer for the whole production run.

Watch out! get the front seat! Calling on all fashionistas out there! Be the judge... who the best queen will be??!


the donG said...

hehehe... kakatuwa naman kayo. i think this is one thing to bond with your family.

Lawstude said...

cge cge aayain ko fashionista kong kapatid at front seat judge kami.

Share my point of view... said...

If I were to attempt one of those, I'll ......................

Ah, forget it! I tend to destroy more than I create.

I love artistic touches but I have the 'killing touch'. ;)

EM said...

Yes Dong! We also cherish this moment to bond with each other. It can be very chaotic too sometimes ... masyadong maraming director...hehe

EM said...

it's our pleasure to have you and your sister as our honorable judges Lawstude. Asahan ko ang inyong vote! Salamat!

EM said...

hehe...then would you like to be one of the judges then Share?

I don't belive you have the killing touch... your hands holds the power to create and heal and that is the truth. You're just too humble my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw last year's princesses and I was truly impressed! Princess Octavia was my top choice.

"Her passion and fire was excellently expressed in her choice of red and gold gown. Her radiance and charm is definitely the likes of a Queen."

I believe we have a lot in common. Meron din naman akong ilang patak na royal blood. Type R for Royal Tru-Orange

My apologies for not posting a comment earlier...

What do you call your designing team? You must seriously think of a name, my dear. When you're not busy running your couture house, I hope you'll also find time for that.

EM said...

Hmmm...what a nice idea Juleste! Don't worry after this i will blog about the teams effort and performance and will eventually baptized them a name. May be you can help us figure one out?

Don't worry about commenting late... i should not impose or even assume that to anyone. it's mighty selfish of me. i should be the one to apologize.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... the name should be as unique as the creation. we need to brainstorm!