Tuesday, November 11, 2008

fragments of conversations.......

how are you?

I’m okay. Not the best but okay.

how are you really?

Hmmmm....I guess what ever my first answer is not enough. So let me think again. Hmmm... i still think i’m okay. Although.... I miss someone. But she is just busy and soon she’ll be able to have time for chats again. So i’ll just wait and wait. I’m never going anywhere anyway.

i hope you're doing fine.

Hehe... i am okay. I’ve been better though. It’s that time of year when one can easily get depressed. I go out of the house when it’s still dark and I get out of work when it’s already dark. everyday is a perpetual darkness for me.’s in these kind of trips through darkness that most people lose their minds specially in this part of the world. That is why I always have a flashlight in my bag. Just in case I drop my mind on my way home or on my way to work. It served me well. But lately my flashlight isn’t so bright....

..... i know... I just need extra energizer batteries. Pahingi naman.


Share my point of view... said...

I'm really concerned when I read your post. Sometimes we tend to get depressed with our life/jobs but stay strong. Hope for you to be your normal cheerful energetic self.

*Hands Energizer batteries* ;)

EM said...

Thank you so much for the batteries Share! I needed it to keep going!

Not to worry at all, i go through this cycle every year and each year I come up of ways to ease it up a bit. I have my reserves at home too. My kids are my alternative source of sunlight... when i'm at home, it's a bit brighter.

again .. thanks. and i'll be in my normal self again soon enough.

jules said...

how are you?

as pretty as you

how are you really?

really... i'm fine as a white wine, i'm okay as a summer holiday, i'm good as a flying bird should :-)

EM said...

hehe... that will be the perfect answer Juleste!

Some days are like that...some days are just blah! hehe