Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It’s Bring your child to work day!!

“So, how any of you guys find everything so far?” That was my first question to the kids this morning. Actually that was already half hour after noon and they just enjoyed a free lunch together with their parents and the company HR. They already went on tour on several of the company’s department before it’s my turn to face them and enthral them of the wonderful world of QA.

Well, why are these kids at work in the first place? It’s a regular school day and they are supposed to be at school learning (and minding their own business...hehe). I should know really! Because my son was also here last year bugging people who are supposed to be focusing on manufacturing products. The answer is ... today is what we call “Bring your Child to work day”. It’s a school and workplace initiative for all grade 9 students to go with their parents to work and experience firsthand the workplace environment. So these grade 9s are excused from school today but they need to go with any of their parent to work. Why grade 9? Beats me! Hehe. When I came in Canada it was already like that. hehe.. there's probably a good explanation but as of this writing... google isn't helping. I promise to have it by next time I posted another bring your child to work day.

So, the first question was cast. I was hoping these kids were the bubbly, hyperactive type but somehow all I got was stares. I almost thought I slipped and used my native language so I tried again. “You’ve all been to some of our departments and have seen quite a lot. Is there anything that caught your interest so far?” Stares again. Youthful faces with half smiles but closed lips. “None?” I looked at the HR standing at the back of the room listening, grinned and without thinking said “Oh my God, ours is one boring company!” contorted my face and laughed. I knew I had to resort to Plan B. What is Plan B? This is Plan B - Stop asking questions!!! So, I stopped.

I went on to describe why we need QA in the business and hopefully they get each explanation and its importance. Would they want to be a QA person when they grow up? .... ehem... I can’t ask question remember? J

Their day started with a brief description of the business. Then on to tours of the different departments where they need to wear oversized lab coats of their parents and oversized steel toed slip ins. They looked so cute trying to drag their shoes while walking. Then after that they spent the rest of the day at their parents’ side observing them as they work.

I should say that it is nice to have some kids at work. Let them see how hard and proud we are to be working day in and day out. To let them see the sense of our work and how our products fit in the intricate schemes of the world. And hopefully they will dream of working hard and believing that the world can be made better.


Share my point of view... said...

Wow! That is super impressive. We do not have such day here in Malaysia, but I can surely imagine how much fun it would be to spend a day in Justice Court with dad. =D

I think that it's important for kids to understand how mummy & daddy work. I'm sure it's a proud moment for you to have your kids witness you in action. ;)

EM said...

Of course Share! I'm a bit of a show off myself! LOL. What ever our job is, even if it's not the best job on earth, it still contributes to the mighty force that turns and propels the world to the future.

Wow! I'm sure interested to the ins and outs of the justice system! You should ask your dad to lobby a move to create a "bring your child to work day"!

thanks for passing by Share!

the donG said...

"Is there anything that caught your interest so far?” Stares again. Youthful faces with half smiles but closed lips. “None?” "
>>> hahaha... i think because at that age all they think is playing, studying, the whys of science! hehehe....

but it's still a good activity because they get to see their parents' workplace and specifically what they are doing.

EM said...

I know Dong! We should totally change our approach towards these kids. We can't just douse them with too much information in such little time and definitely not startling them with questions after questions. I thought it would keep them from sleeping off if i ask questions, it just scared them more. I promise to change strategy next time.

I's a good activity and must be continued and adopted by other countries who doesn't have it.

thanks for the chat!

Lawstude said...

seems like a good idea for they will know where their parents are or what their parents do. sa pinas kasi halos bawal yan eh kaya yung iba patago pa pag nagdadala ng anak.

EM said...

Hi Lawstude! Bawal din dito pag ordinary work days. Pero this particular day, encouraged pa ng company kasi it benefits both parties. It makes the parents proud of what they are doing and the kid to have a better understanding of the work place and an initiate an idea of what they would want in the future. The company prepares everything to make their stay worthwhile. They provide free refreshments/lunch, free give aways and a chance to try the work their parents are doing. The broadcasting studio nga had their kids to anchor or report about news or operate cameras...that one is really cool!

jules said...

children will appreciate the hardwork of their parents deeply by that kind of activity. when we were kids, we went several times to our father's workplace which is a restaurant. the best thing about it was after going to his room, we get to eat ice cream at the dining area.

EM said...

Wow! It's my secret dream to work in the kitchen of a restaurant. My dream is to own and run an eatery. hehe... more like a coffee shop.

happy weekend!