Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cedarbrook Farm - corporate offsite destination

This is where the company decided to hold our offsite conference. It is a farm outside of the city. It’s actually near our Burlington facility but it really doesn’t matter because I’m coming from the city which is 1.5 hours away.

When I got the notice for the offsite meeting, I was bit excited because they have chosen a rustic place. In a farm and we will be using a barn for our gathering.

This is how the farm is described by the website.

Cedarbrook Farm is offers a unique venue that will be of special interest to larger groups. It is a turn of the century post and beam barn that has been renovated as a large open concept meeting place. It boasts lots of natural light, has 30 foot ceilings, a magnificent stone fireplace, two washrooms, a smaller break out / meeting room, loft area and kitchen.

It provides a uniquely private, comfortable space for workshops and meetings. We combine elegant, casual seating as well as board table set-ups. Meals and snacks can also be served in this space.

The Barn is part of "Field Mouse Farm" and abuts Cedarbrook Farm. It is only a short walk from Cedarbrook, across a bridge and stream and up a pathway to the barn. During break times, the property provides picturesque walking trails through woods and fields.

The barn is so spacious and bright. Everything is made of wood. The floor is solid wood and it does not go well with heeled boots.

The huge wood chimney keeps us warm.

This is the upper loft area which we use during breakouts and group works.
Breakfast on the second day. Goody goods! Food was so nice. Lunch on the first day was slad greens, beef meatloaf and mashed potatoes and for dessert cheese cake with drizzels of caramel and chocolate. Lunch on the second day was green peas, chicken curry and rice and dessert was ice cream with drizzel of chocolates.
How was the meeting? Being confined inside a barn for two consecutive days is a pain in the butt literally!! Hehe. I am used to be always on my feet at work. Although it was nice to finally meet the rest of the QA team for both facility and really get our heads together to prepare for next year’s strategies and plan of attack.
A short video of the barns surroundings. There's not much greens to see since it's already approaching winter. All the leaves have fallen and the remnants of snow from last night can be found on the grounds.
To read more about the farm click here.


the donG said...

that'll definitely be one of the coolest conference! your boss are absolutely cool!

jules said...

Except for the kitchen, the place looks like one of those turn of the century barnhouses mentioned in Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin. Parang ang ganda magmuni-muni sa ganyang lugar.

Share my point of view... said...

I've always dreamt of retreating to a picturesque farmhouse, away from all the modernisation.

You're living my dream! ;)

EM said...

Thanks Dong! Cool enough that it's freezing already! I just wish they do these things during summer or spring. But then again, all we are talking about are for next year so I guess business is business.

EM said...

It's really nice to reminisce there Juleste. It would have been a much much better place during summer. I was glad I don't have to sleepover at the place ... we just went back to Burlington and spent the night at the Holiday Inn.

EM said...

hehe.. share. I wished you were with me then. But here a little secret, it would have been more fun if you go there not to have meetings but with a love one and just enjoy nature and the privacy it provides.

I went there and hardly enjoyed the surroundings because we have to bat our heads together all the time until we're all dizzy and blue...hehe. Next time... next time...hehe