Saturday, November 8, 2008

A scandal by the pond

There I was, beside the pond, basking in my own reverie,
When my eyes were caught by a malicious duck not far from me,
He's doing something you see, not once or twice. I lost count after three,
You'll know what I mean, If you see him you'll agree,

Is this duck mooning me?!?!
I think he is!!! Oh! Scandalous to the Nth degree!
I should apologize to the duck... I know I'm the one with the malicious mind. Guilty, your honor!
But I did asked permission from the duck so I can post this .... :D But he's just so busy doing that.... I think he's talking to a mermaid... but he should know that people above the water are blushing everytime he does that!


Anonymous said...

A Scandal by the Pond
[The Duck's Version]

I was quietly doing my thing in my own turf
When this paparazzi snapped and snapped
I didn't mind, they're just like that, you know
The glitz and glam of this pond of ours is something they envy

My imaginary friend told me I'm blogged
And most likely will get my 15-minute of fame
For doing something we ducks, normally do
Courtesy of the paparazzi cum blogger

Did she ask for permission to post this shot of mine?
She did but I was busy you see
And never imagined that 'malicious' and 'scandalous'
Would be the adjectives she'd use to describe me and my thing
My oh my... you people are really funny!

UPDATE: The duck plans to hold a press conference anytime soon and CNN, ABC, Fox News and Toronto Star are ready to beam to the world his side of the story.

Share my point of view... said...

Perhaps he was popping the 'Will You Marry Me?" to the mermaid. =) He must be having a hard time convincing the mermaid though.

Unknown said...

"But I did asked permission from the duck so I can post this"

>>> on e certified funny post! kakatuwa ka talaga.

EM said...

Wow! Juleste, that was a very wise comeback! I new the ducks lawyer will be at my door soon enough! lol

I may have disrespected the duck for publishing his picture but I did apologize at the end. I feel so guilty...hehe

Thanks for the very nice poem!

EM said...

I am pretty convinced that, that is the case Share...hehe. I hope by this time he gets the answer he wants.

thanks for imagining with me Share. We may sounded on the edge for a while but it was avery nice trip nonetheless. hehe

EM said...

Thanks Dong! The duck started it all...hehe

Unknown said...

hahaha... tama!