Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remembering Lola

My grandma passed away
This 6th day of September
When the air is getting colder
And the night is getting longer

As a child I would remember her
A strict lola, ready to give an advice or two
I found myself following her around the kitchen
Learned to chop, peel and cook stew.

I watch her sew dresses from morning til night
She hauls me to the market for her sewing needs
She made me my first graduation dress
Complete with frills and ribbons and beads

She went away to Canada
But made sure she visits as much as she can
We missed her dress making and cooking
Even her long sermon to the whole clan

We met again in Canada
It’s nice to see her everyday again
It’s nice to see my children know her more
Hear her stories and her wise words

Today is the day my grandma left yet again
Today is the day she went to yet a better place
In time we will see ach other
To never never part again.
My grandmothers death anniversary was last Sept 6. It was 4 years ago. We had a mass offering in her name and spent some time with her at her resting place.
I dedicate this post to her momories.


the donG said...

the lolas are usually very special because they were the ones who enjoyed their children's presence and had good time with their children's children.

may she rest in the Lord always.

Lawstude said...

what a great tribute to a great lady.

thanks for the greeting em. i appreciate it truly.

Share my point of view... said...

I'm sad to read of this. My own grandmother died long before I was born and my grandfather died when I was 10 years old. I remembered back in those days when my cousins take it upon their strides to chide me at every possible chances. My granddad always consoled me and his lost was deeply regretted.

It's really nice of you to keep your grandmother's memories alive by passing it on to the children. That way, she'll always remain as that special someone in you and your children's heart.

EM said...

Thanks Dong! I hope you still have your Lola and lolo around.

Have a nice day!

EM said...

Hi lawstude! No problem! I owe you a present! the year is not over yet! Hope I can think of something!

You have a good day!

EM said...

Awww, share my point of view.. i'm sorry i made you sad. Thinking of them made me sad too because we miss them. But i'm pretty sure we'll meet them again. So i'm looking forward to that (not in the near future...hehe). When it's our time.

Yes.. both my kids were able to enjoy their great grandmom's presence enough to have good memories of her. They are now building memories with their grandmom (my mom).

you take care and thanks for visiting!

jules said...

my maternal grandmother is with us right now. we are glad to see that she's happy to be with her great grandchildren especially the little boys at home.

i know she's in the twilight of her life and she's not what she used to be when we were young. we love her so much and she's a gentle reminder of God's love to us.

Thank you for sharing a wonderful poem, em

EM said...

Wow Julueste, that is so wonderful. Having a lola around is such a special treat. I hope she'll have many more years to spend with you guys.

and i'm glad you liked the poem.

Thanks for visiting!