Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chef Challenge --- Team Building at Work

It’s a special day today. It’s that time of year when the big bosses comes to our facility for the Quarter All Hands Meeting which is usually followed by free lunch. The free lunch was made interesting and fun by making it sort of like a contest. The management has entitled it Chef Challenge. It was considered a team building event. So teams are formed and each team comes up with the best Bbq ribs, the best salad and the best dessert. The moment I read about it in the company email, the little cook inside me said..”Can I? Can I? Please??”… hehe. I was having second thoughts because I was assigned to be one of the group to present in the all hands meeting. Speaking in front of all the people (all 50 of us) in our facility is okay and nothing to worry about but… speaking in front of 500 people in our Burlington facility is a whole different matter. It slightly (understatement) scares the living daylight out of me. So I told the little cook inside me to keep quiet and focus on the more serious matter at hand.

Until one of my friends has invited me to join her dessert team. The little cook inside me is now grinning!!! Okay! Okay! But I will join only one team! That commences my saga to the ultra multitasking world. Last night, in between mixing of eggs and cassava, my mind is working on the outline of my presentation. My cassava cake almost burned and my brazo de mercedez came out lacking air! It’s true that one can never have bad luck twice for thank God my presentation did not suffer the same fate. Hopefully I can post something about the meeting presentation. It was very well received and praised by the big bosses as well as the Burlington facility.

The BBQ Rib teams has done their best! 4 teams with their proud creations!! Who won? Team no. 1! Asian inspired bbq ribs!

The salad teams cannot be outshined!! 3 teams with their multiple entries! Team 2 won with their Spinach and strawberry salad, Lotus root salad and asian inspired spinach salad.

And what about the dessert teams!? 2 teams competing each with multiple entires. Team 1 called the MEAL Team (our names initials) and the other team (sorry, they did not come up with a name). Who won?? Team MEAL!!! It includes me of course. Our entry: Chocolate brownie, Mocha mousse, Cassava Cake, Brazo de Mercedes and Tiramisu. WOW!!!

The prize!? Free meal at the Frankie Tomato restaurant for the whole team! Not bad...not bad at all! Best team building initiative ever!


juleste said...

Double congratulations for you! One for your presentation and another for your team who won in the dessert competition.

The photos made me hungry!

juleste said...

Double congratulations! I knew you'll make it with flying colors in your presentation. I could almost hear the applause all the way down here.

The chef in you deserves a new apron that says "Dessert Queen" :-)

The photos made me hungry!