Saturday, May 10, 2008

WS#002 - To be 28 again!

Really!!?? I myself was shocked and amused at what I’m seeing. I was bored waiting for something when I happen to get my hands on my daughters Nintendo DS. She has this game called “Brain Age”. It basically gives you some kind of test and basing on your answers calculates your mental age. Tried this the first time and since I’m not so used to the game the first age I got was 65!!! That’s how slow my brains reacts to the questions presented to me. I was aghast! I need to practice.This particular day I was, like I said, bored. I guess I have time go for some mental quiz. And Viola!! My brains age is 28! Sweet!! To be 28 again… he he. It’s really funny having this kind of reaction with age. But then, who would not wish to be young again? I am not denying that I would want to be young again. It does not mean I want it so bad though. I’ve had my share of being young. It has it’s own ups and downs. Some days I’d wish I’ve done things differently, most days I ‘d convince myself that I’ve done what I could.
I’ve come to the point in life where …age is just a state of mind. In my case…its 28!! :P


juleste said...

Cool! If I were to take the same test today, I bet my brain age would be between 10 and 12!

EM said...

You have to try it Juleste!!

Beware though, it's tricky and you really have to practice long and hard to get age 10 or 12. That age i got is a fluke i think...i guess i can never get as young as that again. But who knows?

thanks for the comment!