Monday, May 19, 2008

WS#005: Victoria Day at Royal Botanical Gardens

It's Victoria Day! It's a national holiday to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday. Most malls and commercial establishments are closed so we were off to the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Burlington/Hamilton, Ontario. This place is outside Toronto and it took us around an hour by car to get there.

The Royal Botanical Gardens is a National Historic Site of Canada, featuring over 2,700 acres of breathtaking gardens and spectacular nature sanctuaries. It has 6 Gradens each showcases the many varieties of plants and flowers found all over the world. I am so excited to post all the pictures I've taken because they are soooo beautiful. We were not able to go to all the 6 Gradens so I guess we are coming back for more. I will probably do separate post for each Garden to be able to attach all the wonderful pictures of flowers and plants.

First we went to the Mediterranian Garden. A two-story indoor garden featuring plant species from the worlds five Mediterranean climate regions.

Here are my favorite flowers in this garden:

Look what I found!


juleste said...

Great looking flowers! I know the plant/flowers in the last three photos but I can only name San Francisco because we have those at home as well as the one with pink flowers. I just saw that white flower today in Batangas and I even took a shot! Isn't it a coincidence?!

Awesome photos, Em!

EM said...

Hi Juleste!

Isn't is queer?? These flowers/plants are so familiar to us visually but we can't seem to remember their names. I can name one more, the Boganvilla is the second to the last. Most of the plants have name tags but I forgot to take a picture of those tags. I was such in a hurry to see everything.

You should post your white flower too! I guess it just mean that we both have the same taste in flowers. LOl

I have more to post. Wait until we get to the Lilac Celebration and the Rock Garden. They are trully awesome! Gusto ko na nga doon tumira eh. Mag munting nimpa sa gitna ng paraiso! :)

AbBy said...

wow! there's the san francisco, the bougainvillea, the white anthurium...hmmm, i couldn't name the others...i like the way you captured the thorny, viney bougainvillea!

EM said...

Thanks AbBy!

Probably why I picked those three flowers/plants as favorites, because we have them back home. The boganvilla is so thick and rich with flowers. They have the pusha and orange flowers.

Thanks for dropping by...

something purple said...

hi i love these flowers! my weekend snapshots are flowers-themed too:

have a great week ahead!

EM said...

thanks something purple!

It's the spring bug... and it's everywhere!

you ahve a great week too!