Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mothers Day at Niagara Falls

Here we are as early as 9 in the morning of Mothers Day.
Main town is riddled with entertainment and commercial establishments. We planned to have brunch in one of the restaurants and then walk to the falls view. The weather is not too cold but enough to get us into walking briskly to generate internal heat. The wind though is not to good to our hair...hehe

I can see a glimpse of the falls now.....

Stop over at the pink tulips. They are absolutely gorgeous! I will post a separate entry about them.

Tadaaa!!! The famous falls right in front of me. I've seen it for around four times already and it has never ceased to amaze me. The view is even better at night for they have set lights under the falls. The sound of the water rushing and splashing is trully captivating.

The strength of the water falling has caused massive mist to float and wet the people watching. It's like being kissed by the fall itself ... romantic and dreamy.
I will post a video of the falls in a separate post. Wait for it!

Two mothers... on a special day
Rejoicing together with the world


Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the two mothers. The tulips beside them seem to whisper, "what an honor to be in a company of such wonderful women".

Great photos! It reminds me of Christopher Reeves' Superman when he saved a boy from falling down the NF.

EM said...

Thanks so much Juleste!

That two women would love to have company of other mothers...

I have more photos to share if you'd visit again. Even a video. After that you can now say..."it reminds me of the video in the blog bato bato pik ni em"! wouldn't that be nice?? LOL

thanks again, do visit again. don't miss the video of the falls.

WhoIsMarc? said...

thanks for sharing this :) i hope i can go there next time i go back to US :)

regards and take care always

EM said...

You're always welcome whoismarc?

You should consider visiting again. It's worth it.

Thanks for the warm wishes! You take care too!

Senor Enrique said...

These lovely photos make me regret not having made an effort to visit Niagara Falls in the many years I had lived in New York.

Trust your Mother's Day was a wonderful one:)

EM said...

Awww Senior Enrique... but do not fret. It only means you have the chance to come and see it in the near future. It's always a possibility.

Mother's day for me is remembering my mother and the many mothers around. So yes, it's wonderful!

Thanks for visiting! You should see the video of the fall...coming soon! It's free so no worries!

take care!