Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend Snapshot #001

Pre-challenge preparation....

There will be a BBQ lunch at work this coming week. It will be after the All Hands Quarter Meeting and in order to make it fun, the management has set up a sort of competion. They have announced that there will be a company wide BBQ Chef Challenge. They will be accepting teams to participate in three categories, namely: Rib Bbq, Salad and Dessert. Ingredients will be provided and it's upto the teams how to prepare and cook it. I was invited to join one dessert team. So this weekend, I have to decide a respectable entry. I thought I should try making some of my old dessert recipes.

This is chocolate-espresso cookie which my daughter has helped me bake.

This is my version of Brazo de Mercedes. It turned out too sweet though. I have to adjust the ingredients a bit next time.
I dunno... maybe I should try some other more. Maybe Palitaw (glutenous dough with grated coconut meat and sugar with browned sesame seeds) or Cassava cake. ???
Such indecisions!


juleste said...

Ay pengeng cookies! Maraming cookie monsters dito sa 'min!

EM said...

Did you know that Paulo ate all of those? I probably ate one and louise two, but the chocolate monster ate the rest. Now I don't have any left for my team mates to taste.

Anyway, I'm seriously thinking about cassava cake though.

WhoIsMarc? said...

wow i miss the brazo mercedez. :) yum yum yum ^_^

Em Dy said...

Crinkles are my all time favorite cookies. I like them soft, chewy and moist. Nakakagutom!

EM said...

Hi Whoismarc,

Yes, it's something like home... we miss it from time to time. That is why I tried to learn how to make it. Now we can have a tatse of home whenever we are feeling homesick.

thanks for dropping by.

EM said...

Hi em dy,

Nice to meet another em. Now I remember what we call it back home...crinkles. Yes, they are just the way you described it but I made it with a bit of coffee so it's more like bittersweet.

thanks for the comment!