Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Rock Garden of RBG --- Truly ROCKS!

The Rock Garden is one of the four outdoor gardens of the Royal Botanical Gardens located in Burlington Ontario. It is a six-acre garden consisting of a huge variety of tulips and daffodils, flowering cherries, azaleas and annuals. It also has it’s own teahouse strategically located in a high place to be able to see the whole garden as one enjoys tea or coffee. We were there quite late and the teahouse is already closed so we missed that special moment. But we will be back to enjoy a cup of coffee together with nature at it’s best. Most weddings would use the garden for picture taking and I can’t blame them for it is quite romantic and the cascading of rocks with blooms makes a fantastic background for a wedding. If one wishes to marry in the month of April and May… then the rock Garden is a good choice for it is has the tulips and daffodils bloom. June and July months are for Lilacs and Roses… so that’s another garden.

Here’s some pictures taken of the garden.

600 varieties of tulips. Most came from Holland.

So much to see...

The teahouse that we missed. It could have been so nice to just sit there
with a cup of coffee looking out into the garden. Next time...

Imagine yourself sitting on one of these benches, savoring the beauty all around you.
Just magical!

No picking! Just awwwws and oooooos :)

so solemn, so tranquil... i can write here

Feeling diwata at nimpa ang mag mommy....hehe


WhoIsMarc? said...

wow this is a very nice place :) wish i can go there :) thanks for sharing ^_^

EM said...

Of course you can! It's a matter of choice and it's going to be your own choice.

Have a good day!

juleste said...

I'm sure the flower queen and princess won't miss to have a cup of tea the next time around.

EM said...

syempre with the grandma and the kuya! Coffee and cake... overlooking the garden.

One will see this Juleste!