Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Lone Bird and Her Morning Song

I am thinking that the bird in the video is singing. It maybe a sad song. A lament of some kind. Calling, beckons ... of lost company, of lost friends, of lost love. I could think of many things, of why she is singing a sad song. But it's all I can do, let my imagination run wild and free. Unmindful of how far it is from the truth. For who can tell the truth? Save the bird...alone by the tree.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what kind of bird is that.. Here we have lots of sparrows. On trees, roofs, high tensions wires and even right on the streets as if trying to run because they are tired of flying.

That lonesome bird needs company. Sayang.. mga ibon dito sa amin di kayang lumipad papunta sa kanyang kinalalagyan.

Great video and sound, Em! Zoom mo pa next time para magkatitigan kayo ng birdie :-)

EM said...

Hello Juleste!

I am not really abird watcher so i haven't had the slightest idea what bird it it. The only thing that I noticed that morning is her endless chirping. I tried to see if she has company but after a while it's just her. There were lots of other birds around though.

That bird is perched high above the tree and that is the farthest my camera can zoom in. Did you noticed that the video is sideways?? hehe..