Monday, May 12, 2008

WS#003 - Pink Tulips at Niagara

The theme color at Niagara falls this time is Pink.
All the tulips around were pink. Although tulips comes in a variety of colors, they have chosen pink this spring. Tulips, together with Dafodils are among the early spring flowers and they are trully a sight to see.

Whenever I see this flower, a certain fairy tale comes to mind. It was the story of Thumbelina. It is one of my most favorite bed time story.

I found Thumbelina...but she's alot bigger than

I thought she would be!


tigerfish said...

I love tulips! The pink makes it look like carnations :P

Happy WS.

ScroochChronicles said...

Beautiful!! I don't remember them having any flowers when we visited Niagara last year. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers...but they're so expensive here. Very nice :)

Mine's up..

EM said...

Hi tigerfish!

Yep! They are lovely indeed.

Happy WS to you too!

EM said...

Hi sroochchronicles! There is an open garden near Niagara called Paradise. I think i may hae taken a picture of it and it contains the lovliest varieties of flowers. Hopefully we can go back and see it in full bloom.

What month did you visit? Usually they change depending on the season.

Thank you for your comment.

juleste said...

Oh lovely tulips! Ang ganda ng mga bulaklak! Syempre maganda ang nag-take ng picture. Ay mas maganda pala!

Now, if there's a guy who will give me some of those beautiful tulips, I'll be the happiest tulip-recipient in the world! :-)

Because you know the story of "if a guy gives you flowers".. :-) hahaha!

EM said...

Hi Juleste!

I don't know the story!! Care to elaborate?? ;)

I'm sure there is a guy somewhere who will. Hahanapin kolang para

thanks sa comment...mas maganda parin yung mga tulips. nakikidamay lang po ang lola!

Senor Enrique said...

How pretty!

One of my brothers always bought my mother tulips whenever he could find them.

EM said...

Indeed Senior!

How nice of your brother! How about you? what flower do you usually give you're mom?

I'm waiting for my first flower from my son..maybe i have to wait a little longer. He's still a baby (at 15 yrs...hehe).

ces said...

me too, my most fave flower are tulips!pretty shots!

EM said...

Thanks Ces!

Oh! If we can only have tulips all year round!

have a good day!