Sunday, June 22, 2008

1st day of Summer Feast

June 21 marks the 1st day of summer. It was a fine day, abit cloudy but it's not too humid. It's a perfect day to get together and enjoy some fun outside. It's my nephews birthday celebration too (his birthday was yesterday). Happy happy birthday to him!!! Our little batman hero! It was a fun day and a time to catch up with everyones happenings. To remind evryone of future get togethers this summer. Time to get the karaoke out and do a little rain dance...hehe.
It was a nice break from my looming anxiety I should say. I hate this dark clooud hovering above my head.... I would rather have it over with as soon as possible.... but... I still have 5 chapters to go and review... *ugh*


Anonymous said...

What a joy to see children having fun. Our tropical summer is over and we're now anticippating rainy and stormy days. In other words, bed weather :-)

EM said...

OH! I just love bed weather!!! hehe...listening to the rain drops on the roof and the whistle of the dreamy!!!

thanks for dropping by juleste!