Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bahay by Gary Granada --- My Reality Check

Wish I could translate the lyrics to english. I need some reality check and this song and movie has brought me back to where I needed to stay... on the ground. Somehow.. I have gotten used to the pretty things, to all the comfort that my adoptive country has given me. To the extent of taking things for granted. I now may have been spared from seeing poverty at its worst but I have seen it when I was a child. I grew up almost falling to its trap. There was a time in my life that poverty has gripped my foot tight. I struggled, I persevered, I studied and I worked hard. I could never forget and this song can very much bring me back to those experiences. It also reminds me that alot of people are still struggling from poverty's grip back home. My heart and prayers goes out to them. Most specially to the children....k, i will cry now.

Here, when time for food donation comes ... I do not participate. For my food donations goes directly back home. I know where it is more needed.


jules said...

Gary Granada knows how to paint reality with his hard-hitting and heartbreaking notes and lyrics.

I always believe that those who are in need should be given not just choice but OPPORTUNITY to rise from poverty.

Poverty is an stimulus. The common response is to survive and to struggle and rise above.

Few have been lucky. The rest are still in for a long fight.

A note not about your entry: Have you heard Gary Granada and Bayang Barrios' song about Barangay Ginebra? :-)

EM said...

That is true Jules. Opportunities can come from anywhere but it should be the main responsibility of the government.

I haven't heard that yet. Maybe i'll go look in u-tube. Is it a new song from Gary?

Anonymous said...

You are correct. I’m a government employee [that’s different from a bureaucrat] and I’m doing my best to give equal opportunities to my wards. It’s not just my responsibility but my mission as well.

It’s not new but an old and considered as a classic basketball song. Composer Gary Granada tapped the sensitivity of Pinoy basketball fans and it’s obvious that he’s a Ginebra fanatic. There are funny lines before the end of the song. Check this out:

But FYI, I’m not a pro-Ginebra but a true-blue SMB. But now I seldom watch the PBA due to my busy schedule.