Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wonderland Canada --- Bring a friend for $10 Day

Wonderland is Canada's version of Disneyland. It's a 330 acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario Canada. That would be 41 km from where we live and would take about 45 minutes to get there by car. My kids absolutely adores it. Every year since we migrated (that would be 6 years ago), we would buy season passes so we can fully enjoy the fun and thrills it offers. Going there once is never enough. Season pass allows us to visit as many as we like for the whole operating season. The season starts May and ends October. Last Friday, they have a special promo. Season pass holders were allowed to bring a friend for only $10. That is really a good deal considering the regular cost of a one day pass is 3x that. And the more the merrier. My son was able to bring his best friend and my daughter met with her classmates.

The park showcases 200 attractions that suits all ages. In the six years that my kids spent there...they always look forward to the next one because they will be able to try bigger rides. The above picture was taken from the parking lot. It's still early, hence some areas are still empty. By mid day, this park will be swarming with people.

The mountain and falls marks the center of Wonderland. It also house one ride that they call Thunder run. It is a roller coaster going into the mountain and around it. Not too high and no loops. The map at the right shows all the rides and attractions. Click it to enlarge.

I am only a ground spectator and not really a thrill rider. I cannot handle the physical abuse to my body brought about by centrifuge and gravity. I only participate on the water slides in Splash Works which we did not visit since it's still cold. We went to the medieval Fair first and encountered the first thrill ride named Riptide. I will post this separately. I will probably make several posts just to cover all the attractions this park has to offer. I cannot say which one's my favorite for they are surely not. But I can say which ones were my kids favorite. I enjoy walking around, looking at the faces of people before, during and after each thrill ride. The whole place is screaming .... literally and mtaphorically of fun and adventure.

Below is a video taken near the entry of the park showing the International Street.


Anonymous said...

It surely lives up to its name. Its obvious that young and old enjoy the theme park.

EM said...

Hi Juleste!

It sure does but for the old in me.. I'd rather sit and watch and do windowshopping.

Thanks for visiting!