Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Ensaymada! Craving across the miles...

Our trip to the chinese store is like going to a treasure island. I can find almost anything from back home. It was like christmas .... judging from the loot I got to take home. I got some bangus na daing, pampangga longganisa, tocino, bagoong isda, alamang, grated cassava, andoks lechon sauce, and ligo sardines.
The highlight of the treasure hunt is the discovery of the Magic melt Ensaymada!! They are a real treat!! So soft and tasty. Oh! Taste of HOME... it was heaven.
I also bagged some Boy Bawang Cornic and Choco Mallows. I was really feeling Christmassy..hehe. Oh! Forget about diet! Indulge while it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Have I told you that our school has a reputation of 'having a bake shop' where the best ensaimada in the world is found? Will show you sometimes why its called the best.

Bagoong isda? I have an unopened large bottle given by a friend that came all the way from Pangasinan.

Boy Bawang has now a rival named Totoy Cornik if I'm not mistaken.

Are you sure its a Chinese Store? It looks like a Pinoy neigborhood store to me.

Pag may tindang E-load d'yan, certified Pinoy store na talaga.

EM said...

Tama chinese nga kasi walang tindang e-load or cell phone load.

really?? the best ensaimada in the world?? bakit di ko ata inabot yan? Do show me, show me!!! hehe

Is the rival of boy bawang as good as the rivaled?

why ahven't you opened it? pniakbet is the perfect dish!

thanks for visiting!

Jules said...

Will show you one of these days, Em.

I haven't tasted the rival cornic but will try it.

The bagoong is waiting for the perfect dish :-)