Saturday, June 28, 2008

Backyard BBQ - for the 2 graduates in the family

Two cousins just graduated from high school. Celebration is a must! They are both venturing to the next phase of their lives. One will be studying applied science and the other nursing. Wishing them both the best.
How do you know that a party is hosted by a pinoy?? See the arrow on the last picture above?? Only pinoys have that. :) hehe... it is what we call "pambugaw ng langaw", not really like a fly swatter but simply to get the flies away from food.
My aunt found a stick, cut some plastic bag into strips and tied them up at the end of the stick. Viola! instant fly .... repeler?!?! LOL i'm lost for english word to properly translate it.


the donG said...

wow! selebrasyong pinoy! congratulations to the two.

i cant figure out what the arrow is pointing.

EM said...

Thanks DonG!!

I edited my post to describe it. I guess it is quite hard to figure out what it is.

Most of the visitors that are not pinoys were really staring at it.

have a good day!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a great celebration.

Its a fly swatter, but a swatter is something flat. Its called something here in Manila but how do you call it in Toronto?

EM said...

I don't think we have a name for it except "pambugaw ng langaw". I could create one though hehe... fly shooer? hehe or fly repeler?? hehe...sound funny.

thanks for visiting juleste!

Anonymous said...

And its a 'trulili' Pinoy handaan if the host won't allow the guests to leave without something to bring at home.

EM said...

definitely Jules!!!

There is always enough food to bring home!! the host will include it to their budget. Visitors that are not pinoy were always surpeised to get a baon after.

have a good day!