Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Delayed Birthday Gift

My son really does not ask for anything. Three months ago was his birthday and he was asked what gift he would like to get. He said it's okay, he does not need anything. How convinient is that?
"Hmmm.... are you sure? No special game? No special electronic gadget?" He said he's okay with what he has at the moment. Good enough! No need to insist and I did not raise the question ever again. He had the chance and that's it.
Last week, a PSP came out with a new design and he fell in love with it. He started with hints. Praising this new design and how cool it is and how he like it too much. One day he came home flapping his math test infront of me. He happily announced that he got a grade of 97 on this test! I said, "good work!! I'm so proud of you!". He stayed there all wide eyed, smiling! "Can I have something, huh? For my grade?". I somehow knew it was coming.
That is the story behind the PSP. I figured, since he still have to receive a birthday present and that he's been doing so good in school, he can have the PSP that he wants. Happy birthday and Good work son!


the donG said...

very cool design indeed. the design is actually based on a really really good game which i played. it's God of War. a really really good action game.

EM said...

Yup, my son likes that game too!It came with the promo package plus one movie. He mentioned last weekend that he finished the game already. I have no idea what he's upto now on his PSP.

thanks for visiting donG! :)

WhoIsMarc? said...

i wish you were my mom :)

EM said...

Hello whoismarc!

Me too! I wish I had a mom like me... hehe... or a dad...

but then i wouldn't turn up me! ugh! confusing!