Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet my little Pullo... and my anxiety :)

I am sooo excited….. and yet panicked. Excited because my new laptop came and I’m so eager to get acquainted with it. But… I can’t do that in full because in 5 days I will have my 2 hour mid-term exam. I have to review 9 chapters of grueling definitions, models, theories, and case studies. 9 chapters in 5 days gives me absolutely no time for me and my new friend “Pullo” (yup! I named my new laptop after my favorite character in Rome) to get to know each other as quickly as possible.

Pullo became a necessity for several reasons, each one varying in degree. The cause that made push into shove is when I enrolled in a course sponsored by the company I work in. Well, who would pass an opportunity like that, right? All I need to put in is effort and cost of books. I have a company issued laptop that I use at work but it is so heavy that carrying it every day would warrant visits to my chiropractor as well. Among the other reasons is that I cannot do all the things I need to study if I continue sharing computer with my daughter at home. My son has his own desk top computer so he doesn’t complain. My daughter doesn’t complain too…it’s me who is complaining because I have to wait for her to finish her homework before I can use the computer. If I stay up late using her computer, she stays up late too, this annoys me since she would chat and talk while I concentrate on what I’m doing. Since there are three students at home now… it’s better for peace and order’s sake to have my own computer/laptop. I needed something that is small and light and not so expensive. Something that I can bring anywhere while multitasking like in the kitchen while cooking, or in the balcony when I needed some fresh air or while doing the laundry or while waiting on my kids during their extra activities. I saw the 13 inch screen laptop of Dell and I decided it was the laptop for me. And that’s what I got…my little Pullo. :)

And how is the education system in Canada?? My kids been living in it for almost six years now. Me on the other hand still have to experience it. I am excited and at the same time anxious. I have been a very good student during my university days. I hope I haven't lost the flair.
I will soon find out after my dreaded midterm exam. Ugh!! Crunch time!


the donG said...

good luck on your exam! it's nice to name gadgets and laptops. all my gadgets also have names.

pullo is indeed a nice name for that!

EM said...

Thanks DonG! I needed that! I needed to let them see that pinoys can be at par with them if not better. But I will aim for better...hehe.

That is true! how do you name them?

thanks again! have a good day!

juleste said...

From now on, I will call my laptop... Lucius Vorenus. Actually, I'm not into naming gadgets but whenever there a need for me to call an object by a person's name, its always George.

EM said...

George is a classic!!! I like it too Jules! I think of my laptop to be a companion and whenever i have an object that will be very personal then i name them with people names. Pullo is like a friend now...and a partner in crime...hehe.