Sunday, June 22, 2008

WS#009 - Tennis Weekend

After indulging in good food yesterday, it's only fitting (to appease all the guilt and remorse) to play tennis today. So off we went to the nearest public tennis court. It is very fortunate of us to find it empty at around 1pm. Probably too bright and too hot for people to go out and have some exercise. Well...just our luck...we don't have to endure the social politics associated with public tennis courts. Not today...

For the first time since last year...the old tennis rackets and tennis balls have finally seen the light of day again! Oh! It was a breath of fresh air for them and I must say they are as good as I remember them. I might buy some new balls next time though.

I have a two year old Head Intelligence tennis racket that I like so much. It made my back hand so much better (as well as the sound of the ball bouncing on the tennis guts sounds so much better...hehe).

After an hour of rally... I guess I don't feel so guilty anymore..

....just exhausted and


Reflexes said...

wow! good food plus playing tennis...that super!

Juliana RW said... :D I can not play tennis :((

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picturing said...

cool.... spend ur weekend by sport.

Please visit me in here Thanks

EM said...

Hi reflexes...

yup...kinda balances each other.

thanks for dropping by. Happy WS to you!

EM said...

Hi Juliana,

I bet you're a good runner. Which means you're going to be great on all sports.

I'll be there in a second. Happy WS!

EM said...

Hi picturing,

We kids were sometimes reluctant but i'm the mom. They should listen to mom..hehe

I'll visit as soon as i can! Happy WS!

Jenn said...

The first picture was so awesome!

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Please drop by if you have the time. Thanks!

strawberrygUrl said...

my father gave me a tennis racket in the hopes that i will love the game as much as he does.. to date, the racket is still in the store room. hi hi

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Hope you drop by. Have a good week!

Dyes said...

i love the first picture!

i tried tennis, but it is such a vigorous outdoor sports! no wonder a player is considered ancient when reaching the age of 30.

jennyr said...

nice! i would love to play that to trim my body,hehehehe! mine's up too at this link!

EM said...

Hi Jenn!!

My daughter took that picture. She has a knack on photography. Anyway,the only camera we were able to take with us is hers... i should have brought mine. :(

Happy WS! Will visit in a jiffy!

EM said...

hi strawberrygurl,

Uh-oh... the tennis racket is probably crying already. You should try... it is a good work out.

Happy WS!

EM said...

hello Dyes...

I'm a player, not a professional one though. Just recreatioal player. I can only play in the summer though. When i was back home in Phils. i play every weekend.

Happy WS!

EM said...

hi jennyr,

yup... any sport would make you stay in good shape. It's good to have at least one.

Happy WS and i'll be there.

ces said...

now i miss playing tennis:) yummy spread there!

Jeanne said...

i would like to try play tennis....

ScroochChronicles said...

The last time I played tennis was 15 years ago!! Great form, btw :D


EM said...

hi ces,

i missed it too all through out the winter. It was nice to be able to play again.

thanks for dropping by...Happy WS!

EM said...

it is always good to try sports and see what suits you the most, Jeanne. The more sports you can play, the more fun you'll have!

thanks for dropping by and happy WS!

EM said...

Thanks Scrooch! I needed to do more. It was such a long winter that i am afraid that i would not know how to play anymore. But it's like riding'll just never foreget. it's likre wired in into your brain.

thanks again and happy WS!

the donG said...

i also like playing tennis. but im not an expert. i rarely play nowadays even though the tennis court is just a house away from our home. i don't have someone to play with actually.

EM said...

Hi Dong,

It's nice to know you play too. And being a house away from court is so lucky! Anyway, if you hang around the court more, you'll find someone to play with. Some pulot boys are very good at tennis. I've done that when i was still there.

thanks for dropping by!!!

juleste said...

Just in time for the Wimbledon 2008. I'm clueless about lawn tennis but I can play table tennis just a bit when I was in college because its one of the sports required for us to pass. But after college, I never held a paddle again.

EM said...

you have to try again Jules! it's a good exercise and stress reliever. I could teach you if only i was there.

happy day!!