Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chinese Lantern Festival at Ontario Place

Ontario Place has another magic up its sleeve this summer. It’s the Rogers Chinese Lantern Festival. It’s a collection of huge lanterns depicting various architectural, nature and artistic creations all over the world. It opens around 7pm to be able to capture the darkness and display the magnificent use of lights and shades.

The area used for this showcase covered almost a third of the whole Ontario place as shown below. 32 majestic lantern sets are distributed all over this location. It’s a very nice night to get some walk and enjoy the lights. The map of the place and the distribution of the lanterns (as well as a brief description of each)can be found here.

I have uploaded pictures I’ve taken. I may have not captured everything but these are my favourites.

I'd like to upload more... hmmm... should I? There were so many favorites that I'd like to share. So maybe next post I will upload the rest of them? We'll see.


the donG said...

taiwan also displayed a lantern park here in manila but it was not as nice as this.

EM said...

It was really amzing DonG but I am also positive that it also consumed alot of electricity. We have to pay entrance to Ontario Place and an additional $15 for the chinese lantern festival. Still, it is swarmed by lots of people.

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