Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Daughters favorite bookstore- CHAPTERS

I used to frequent national bookstore backhome. It was my favorite store during my school years. I would spend endless time there filling my mind with what I can read or see. Mostly spending time in the card section looking for great poems or scapping ideas. Tho bookstore here is alot the same as National books tore but they have extra ammenities. The bookstore pictured above is my daughter favorite. It's called Chapters and the thing that made it dear to my daughter can be seen below.

Yes, it has a Starbuck outlet right inside the bookstore. Anyone can read any book inside while they enjoy their coffee, latte, shake, or anything the coffee shop can offer.

There is no physical boundaries between the bookstore and the coffee shop. the coffeeshop has lounge chairs, reading chairs and most of all has a free wifi.

My daughter wanted to eat something first before charging the book shelves. She had the banana chocolate smoothie and I already have my magazine in hand while having my coffee.

Uh-oh.... i think she found her book...oh..books. Her favorite Fruits Basket. She is on her 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th volume.

time for me to look for my book.......

Found it!!!!!! :)


Lawstude said...

National Bookstore still rules here but now it has lots of competitions like powerbooks and expressions.

by the way, lovely daughter.

have a nice day em.

juleste said...

i've been to nbs-metropoint pasay rotonda yeasterday. not to buy a book but to get a class record -form 1- for the third time, duh!

my favorite bookstore is BOOKSALE, obviously for the last syllable.

reading is one habit that kids should imbibe. good thing your daughter has it on her system already.

nice shots. thanks for sharing them.

EM said...

I'm glad to hear there are more bookstores... it only means that we have more people reading.

thanks! I think so too. Mana sa mommy! LOL

you have a nice day too Lawstud, thanks for passing by.!

EM said...

what is nbs-metropoint Juleste? Is it a bookstore? and why you need so much of the class record form 1? sorry.. i am not familiar with those terms.

I try to instill to them the value of reading and their school does an excellent way of encouraging it too.

thanks and your welcome juleste!

juleste said...

national bookstore-metropoint branch which is located in pasay-rotonda.

i needed just one record book for pupils' personal data but corrections have to made. this form has to be done manually so if there's an error, the whole record book is discarded.

EM said...

Yun pala yun! I should have guessed the nbs thing... thanks!

at yun paala yung record. dapat pala walang erasures.

thanks for explaining. have a good day jules!

jules said...

I got it!! Them pala..! Thanks, Em!

That started the 'ping-pong' hehe