Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mikey Bustos at Filipinos Making Wave Festival

Part of the celebration in the Filipinos Making Wave Festivals was Mikey Bustos’ concert. He was among the top ten finalists on Canadian Idol in 2003. You can learn more about him just by googling his name in the World Wide Web.

It’s really my first time to hear him sing. I probably heard about him from the past but never had the time to find out anything about him. I guess I missed something worth knowing and being proud of. He is really good in all aspect (talent and character specially) and until now, 5 years from his idol time, he continiously thank people who have supported him then.

He sang several songs that made us even more proud as Filipinos. Wikepedia described him as a slightly strange looking young man with a shaved head and a voice of an angel. I don't think strange looking is a problem or matters at all. He is all Filipino in body, mind, soul and voice.

I wish him all the best and I’m sure he will excel because he is in his element, in his own universe.

I should remember to buy one of his CDs... one of this days. :) Promised myself!


juleste said...

I think I've seen this guy performed on Phil TV with Jasmine Trias.

His talent surely made Fil-Canadians proud.

the donG said...

never heard of mikey. it's good to know that he's making the pinoys proud thru his songs.

EM said...

Definitely Juleste. Yes, i saw his duet with Jasmine Trias in u-tube. He even open up a show of Christina Aguillera there too.

thanks for visiting

EM said...

I didn't too until that day DonG. It's so unfortunate.

He did some concert back there too. He even sang a tagalog song.

Thanks for dropping by.