Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Post Henna Tattoo Update

An interesting question was asked when I posted mine and my daughters first Henna tattoo. Apparently there were cases of henna allergy characterized by blisters and rashes. So, i've decided to take a picture of our tattoo after 4 days.

This picture was after the application of henna on our skin. During this time, there were no itchiness or anything weird felt by both me and my daughter. The henna paste dried after an hour and it started peeling off. Nothing out of the ordinary felt.

This is after 4 days. We were told it will last 2 weeks but I had doubts about that and I am slightly correct. My daughters tattoo is fast fading. Faster than mine which is probably because she had two swimming sessions already. Somehow chlorine does something to the stain.

This was mine when henna was applied.

Here it is right now. As you can see my skin is lighter than my daughters and our tattoos are located in different part of our body. I don't know if those differences counts but both skins are as clear as it was before the henna paste was applied.
Shall we have another?? If we do have allergy to the henna paste, we would have felt the reaction on the first time. And small quantity applied to the skin will let us know if we are allergic. Unless we want to have a full body henna tattoo, we will still consider getting one without much worry.
PS. a friend of mine got henna tattoo too when she went to Boracay, Philippines. She got a bigger design but she did not complain any allergic reaction.
That's it for the update! have a happy tattoo!! ;)


the donG said...

i wonder what those chinese character means.

juleste said...

Very interesting indeed.

You post gave a clear answer and very useful illustration.

Ngayon MSNBC, bukas CNN and BBC. Sige pila-pila lang sila, basta wag kalimutan batiin ang mga fans :-)

EM said...

Hi DonG,

those were power tattoos. My daughter has "Happiness" in chinese characters and mine is "Passion" in chinese characters.

My chinese friend said it looks funny..only because the one who did the tattoo is not chinese and made the characters too far apart from each other.

thanks for visiting!

EM said...

Thanks Juleste. I try my best. I really have nothing to share. I may have not been exposed to henna enough to give a credible answer. We only did it once. Maybe the next one will be from Boracay and they may use a different mixture. And that would be years from now.

i don't know about having fans...i'm only in it for friends.. the good kind. And you know my take about that.


Henna Muse said...

What you had done was natural or "vegetable" henna. That does not and cannot cause the nasty reactions you heard about. The bad stuff has PPD, a chemical in hair dye, added to it to make it faster acting and black.

You can tell if a vendor has poison spiked henna or safe vegetable henna by asking what color it will be when the paste first comes off. As you probably noticed, the natural stuff will be orange at first and take about 2 days to deepen into brown. The poison will be brown or black right away.

Its also important to note that the PPD in the poison variety is a sensitizing chemical. That means that every time you're exposed, you have a greater risk of a reaction. It's not like a normal allergy where you can assume your safe with a test spot or a good first experience.

I'm glad you got the good stuff! Thanks for sharing your experience!

EM said...

Wow ! that was a whole lot of information! Enlightening indeed Henna Muse! Thank you very much. Now we know alot better. Next time we get another henna tattoo, we will surely ask for the ingredients and other questions that you suggested.

I think the people in Wonderland knows about this. There are more kids going there so they better have the safe kind. When we went to CNE...we saw another Henna Tattoo parlor.. we decided to pass this time.

Thanks Henna Muse!