Monday, August 4, 2008

Splashworks in motion

Splash Works is a 20 acre water park that is located at the opposite end of the park from the entrance. It is home to many water slides, the largest outdoor wave pool in Canada and is free with park admission. One of the thrill rides particularly the Canadian Mine Buster went under all the huge water slides.

While on the wave pool, one can see the huge Behemoth roller coaster ride. It is the newest thrill ride in Wonderland.


Lawstude said...

Wow. I love rides specially if it involves water. I remembered to have ridden a dozen time in a log jam of a theme park here in Pinas.

Have a nice day em.

juleste said...

Sa'n ka naman nagpa-slide sa mga yan? :)

EM said...

You know Juleste, i've tried all of them one time. This time, wala kasi medyo me hangin at baka ako mag chill kaya sabi ko magpapainit nalang ako sa araw at magkukuha ng pics.

sayang no? di kasi nagpumilit ang aking mga kids na samahan ko sila kaya nakaligtas ako...hehe.

thanks for dropping by.

EM said...

Whoa! You should try these rides! Definitely worth it. That is why we spend a whole day just for the waterpark. Have you seen my previous post about each ride? It will let you see haw each one works.

thanks for dropping by and you have a nice day too lawstud!

the donG said...

these are really nice theme parks. same with lawstude, rides involving water are the best for me.