Saturday, August 30, 2008

CNEs Direct Energy Center and my Loot!

This building is the first we passed by upon entering the Princess Gates of the CNE. This is my favorite part of CNE because inside are showcases of everything I love. As you can see in the above cropped map, it houses the A. At home Pavilion, where appliances, furnitures, home gadgets are found. B, the International Pavilion where products from all over the world can be found. C. warehouse Outlets - some designer products like Revlon, Fairweather, Levis outlets are. D. IAMs superdogs where they hold dog shows and cat shows. The most beatiful cats and dogs can be seen here. They are so adorable. The Garden Show is also a must see.

A shot of the building facade.

The Lobby is full of people trying to find something to spend their precious money. Just like me, I do not know what I want to buy but I will know when I see it. I saw the hot water tub complete with all the water jet massage apparatus and I wanted to buy it ... but since i don't have a place to put it in...maybe next CNE or the next or the next..hehe.

This booth sells products from India. Lovely, lovely products.

This is only one of a few Philippine booths. I bought Boy Bawang and Ding Dong snack here.

My son's favorite spot. Yup, he asked if he can saty there while we do our window shopping.

And finally, after 2 hours of walking through this maze of woderful things, what did I find worth buying? A gazillion products and I bought only two things. If I have lots of money to splurge, I guess I could use a few more to tuck into my bag. The following pics are the two fortunate things that came home with me that day.
This is a variety of the San Francisco Plant (as we know back home). It is actually called "Croton" plant here. This is one of my favorite San Francisco Plant because of it's curly leaves. The only missing is the various colors that the leaves would exhibit. The leaves are all green right now with small dots of yellow. I hope in time the colors will come out. I still have to buy my San Francisco a pot to grow in.

This is the second that I bought. When we passed by the booth exhibiting products of South Africa, these artistic paintings have caught my eyes. The colors are so vivid. They were drawn on a clothe and they would make nice wall decors when framed properly. They come in different sizes and I chosed a poster size painting. Now, I only need to have it framed. It will go very nicely on my bedroom wall and would match the animal print blanket I have on my bed. Hehe... feeling nasa safari...

I would like to come back to that booth next year to get another one.

That ends the diary of a shopaholic. :)


the donG said...

ayos yung nabili mong painting ng safari.

ding dong at boy bawang talagang patok pala sa mga pinoy sa labas ng bansa. hehehe...

Anonymous said...

It looks like you were energized at the Energy Center :)

I've never seen that kind of San Francisco variety. What we have here at home has large size leaves with colorful designs.

I hope you little plant shows its colors in time.

What a nice African design. Is that a sun in the background? It will surely bring sunshine in your room :)

EM said...

Hi DonG,

OO nga...naghahanap ako ngayon ng magandang frame for it.

Maski hindi pinoy gusto yan. in fact maraming pagkain na pinoy ang popular sa mga foreigner. Marami tayong pwedeng ipagmalaki.

thanks for the visit!

EM said...

Hehe hi, Juleste. It's my weakness. window shopping and at a few occassions shoping just relaxes me.

it's there back home where i've seen this san francisco. I was surprised to see it here. Our's is a better variety.

yup, it's the sun and that is why i chose it ... i need my sunshine... my only sunshine...hehe