Friday, August 29, 2008

Let's Go to the EX!!

The last hurrah of summer! Children always knew when summer is ending. It is when parents start to plan going to the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) Place. The slogan is “Let’s go to the EX!” where EX means the exhibition place. It is the neighbour of Ontario Place I previously posted. The EX is open starting August 16 to September 1. Yup, September 2 is the first day of school. Some students would feel sad when it’s CNE time but then after accepting that it inevitable, they decided that they might as well have fun. The exhibition place offers a gazillion activities for everybody. From children to seniors, there will be something quite interesting to see and do. The link above will give you all the information about activities in this place.

The Map above shows the CNE place. Click here to enlarge and be able to read the various information and legends. All places are accessible by foot. To be able to see everything, one must come early in the morning to cover as much ground.

For seniors, for pople who are carrying babies, or people who has disabilities or those that are simply tired can ride this train. It goes around the place at a specific shedule.

Children would be attracted by the fun rides and carnival type activities.

This building houses the pavilions of shopping galore. If you enlarge the map above, it is the huge building top right. It has the international pavilion that sells various products from all over the world. I will do this as a separate post because this is my favorite place in CNE.

Street Performances are all over the place too. These gentlemen are performing acrobatic stunts. They are very good, doing all those summersaults and human pyramids.

Part of the Candian Forces Display.

Part of the Farm showcase. Various animals are kept in the Farm building. People can pet and feed some of them.

This man is truly talented. I will post his talent on a separate entry. Watchout for him.
I guess the next few posts will be bits and pieces of our CNE adventure. There were quite alot of exciting and interesting activities worth sharing.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting!

The train reminds me of a long golf car in SM-MOA that goes around carrying senior citizens or those who are simply tired to go around.

How's the shopping spree? :)

EM said...

It sure is Juleste!

I wish I could shop 'til I drop. But in reality I was able to take home only two things and I will post that soon!

You will not believe what I found in CNE!! ;)

Anonymous said...

What did you find? The Holy Grail? The Tresure of Solomon?

Ay nakaka-suspense naman :)

EM said...

hehe... ;)

the donG said...

who would not love that exhibition! parang laging masaya ang mga tao pag summer.

EM said...

You are definitely right DonG. Nabubuhay lang ang tao dito pag summer. Pag winter, everybody is a walking zombie...hehe. Prisoners of our own warm houses.

thanks for visiting!