Saturday, August 23, 2008

Filipinos Making Wave Festival at Ontario Place

August 15 to August 17 is a special weekend for Filipinos at Ontario Place. Ontario place is internationally acclaimed cultural, leisure and entertainment parkland located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The complex extends throughout three man-made islands along the Lake Ontario waterfront. It caters to the different cultures Canada has and allows these cultures to express themselves for all to learn and appreciate them. More information about this place can be found on the link above.

The Filipinos Making Wave festival consists of various activities featuring Filipino culture expressed in songs, dances, food and arts.

Booths showcasing Filipino crafts, books and movies can be found here. This is the best time to bring friends of different race because they will surely enjoy the celebration.

The real reason why I wanted to see this festival!!! The sago at gulaman, turon, bbq, pansit and so on. It was like a time travel back home.

Many of our kababayans take this opportunity to share our culture through dances like the picture above.

Even Filipino children were so proud to show how rich our traditions are.

There are also concerts held on the three days of festival. On the day we went there, it was Lirio Vital who entertained us with songs of old and made our longing hearts dance reminiscing times of what was once our world.

Other artists that made the festival memorable that day was Mikey Bustos, the Filipino finalist on Candian Idol and Melisa R., the finalist in the Pussy Cat Dolls. I will post a separate entry for the these artists.

Occasions like these are important in a place considered as a cultural mossaic of different races. This will allow each one to learn more of each other, appreciate and respect each others differences and allow growth and comaraderie.



juleste said...

It must be a great time witnessing this event.

How's the sago at gulaman and turon? I hope it satisfied your cravings :)

Its nice to know that children there are made aware of thier Filipino heritage through different presentations.

I only see Lirio Vital in YouTube. I think she's no longer based in Manila. She has a lovely voice. I love her rendition of 'Gaano Kita Kamahal' with Ryan Cayabyab.

Thanks for sharing!

EM said...

It was Juleste! Next year I will make it a point to bring a friend of a different race.

The sago and turon was just perfect. Nabusog ata ako ng todo!

That is true. Lirio Vital is very talented and time hasn't change her beautiful voice.

thanks for visiting!

the donG said...

wow! go pinoy! saya saya naman dyan.

EM said...

Yup DonG! It's the only way to heal our longing and aching hearts. It keeps our sanity from being lost in a country so diverse and complex. We have to keep our identity alive.

specially for those who can't go home for various reasons.

thanks for dropping by...