Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lowly..nah.. Noble Galunggong – and its memories

This was our dinner last night. I was able to find some frozen Galunggong fish (Maquereau Mackerel) at one the Chinese store near our family dentist clinic. I looked at its familiar features. Remembering the numerous times this fish has graced our table when I was growing up. During those needy times when everything is so expensive that we have to tighten our belts more than ever. I used to hate this fish during those times. It’s either fried galunggong, or paksiw na galunggong (cooked in vinegar), or daing na galunggong (sun dried), or ginataang galunggong (cooked in coconut milk). I think we have practically overused this poor fish for the longest time. We cook it in all possible ways. I can still hear myself and my siblings saying in chorus “ Galunggong again??!!”. But now... I am sure that if it weren’t for the lowly Galunggong, I would not be where I am .. right now.

It’s been awhile since I last tasted the Galunggong. We call it “Gigi” then. I don’t know why we call it with that name and I did not ask for I just had enough of it to even care. I guess it’s safe to say that it’s been 20 years since I last tasted it. Now, when I saw it, I decided that it’s time for my kids to meet the fish that has fed and nourished us during tough times. It maybe lowly then but now I only think of it as a noble fish ... an unsung hero. Worthy of being weaved into life stories to be told and passed to future generations.

So in between those spoonfuls of fish and rice are conversations of times of old and the lessons to be learned. My kids actually like it. I even told them, it’s good with catsup. They won’t try it though.. L

That’s the story of the noble Galunggong fish.


juleste said...

Very nice post, em.

Economically speaking, GG plays a big role in Pinoys tables. But do you know that there are those who find this fish expensive and would rather settle for more affordable fish.

I prefer to eat GG withe soy cause with minced tomato and onion.

Thanks you for sharing your story em.

EM said...

What a coinsidence! I prefer mine with fish sauce and diced tomatoes. That's when i grew up a bit. As a child i would eat it with banana catsup.

Hmmm... i wonder what fish would be more affordable than GG. Is it anchovies? tilapia? sardines? Not tilapia i'm sure. Anchovies and sardines are thorny and has so little flesh...but who's picky when hungry right? I guess your right. The gg was the next best thing compared to those little thorny fishes.

Thanks for listening to my story Jules.

the donG said...

i didn't know that there are gigis there. hehehe... very interesting post because a lot of our kababayan's really rely on this gigis but in time its price has already increased making other fishes cheaper.

it's good to know that it's also available there.

EM said...

Did it increased that much, DonG?

Yes, almost everything is available here... it's just a matter of finding them. Still, it's not the same, somehow... there's something missing.