Monday, August 25, 2008

Filipinos making wave and Melissa R!

Part of the finale of the concert held at Ontario Place in celebrating the festival of Filipinos Making Wave was the performance of a Filipina who became one of the finalists on the show Pussycat Dolls. To some, the term Pussycat Doll seemed unfamiliar. I do not know for sure but in our household it is pretty popular. My daughter had her eyes glued to each and every episode/airing of that show. She practically knows how each contestant to the very core. She was, quite obviously, was the one who was so excited to see the popular pinay in person and performing.

The very talented and beautiful pinay is Melissa Reyes, known in the show as Melissa R. A petit girl, gauging from her physical appearance, is about 5 feet tall and less than a hundred pounds. She is truly beautiful with a strong voice ( I don’t know where that voice is coming from since she has a very small build).

I attached a video of one of her performance.


Jules said...

The original members of the Pussycat Dolls came to Manila for a one-night only concert a year or two ago. They've got a huge following here because the lead vocalist then, Nicole, if I'm not mistaken, is partly Pinay. She even got a short modelling stint for Bench.

I was able to catch an episode of this reality search on cable TV once but I wasn't really paying attention on who the contestants were.

Melissa R must be a pretty talented singer. Thanks for sharing!

Do you have a favorite PCD song? :)

Nooch said...

Melissa is actually 5ft 2 inch tall...

EM said...

I often see my daughter watching this show and I sometimes have sat with her just to see what's it about.

These girls have talent in fashion, dancing, singing. I guess the pussycat Dolls are made for total entertaining.

the only song that caught my attention was their theme song.. "Don't you wish your girlfriend is hot like me....don't you?" hehe...

thanks for visiting Juleste.

EM said...

Hi Nooch!

Thanks for letting me know. I was judging her height by comparing it to the kids she invited to the stage. She is also wearing a high healed shoes of 2 inches. I guess I underestimated how big kids are now a days.