Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wonderland Part2 - Splashworks

On to visit Wonderland for the second time. This time to just spend time and enjoy the water park. We need to be early to get some good sun chairs.

The divers are really really good daredevils!

Still lots of empty seats...we are early! This is were the wave pool is and my favorite spot to lounge and get a good nap. :)

I can see them right from where i'm seated under a big umbrella and I can't help not to take a picture. Looks like they are having fun....

Kids enjoy this tremendously!

The black hole. It's dizzying and scary. It's totally dark inside and you'll loose any sense of direction. You can only feel that you're going somewhere down fast and slippery.

Does it look scary!? This ride I can very much handle.

This too... with caution...hehe


The lazy river. My favorite! just letting the current bring you along the way.

As much as i can fit in the camera's view without making everything too small. Good thing too that we were early and there's not much people yet. This place can really get crowded.

Another try to fit everything.

Are you waiting for people to appear?? the ones wearing skimpy swim suits?? LOL I don't think I can do that.

This place is for little toddlers and it's just heaven for them!

People are pouring in by 11am.... we had our fill of the water works and thrill rides are out of the questions. Line will take half an hour to an hour depending what ride it is.
But before we leave the place..... me and my daughter gotta have our tattoos!! :)


juleste said...

Great shots! Surely you and your family had a great time.

EM said...

we had...just that sometimes my kids are a handfull. I did not get my nap... it's always "mom this and mom that".

i'm just glad there's not much people yet.