Sunday, August 31, 2008

Stone Art at CNE - Awesome!

The Garden show at CNE does not only showcase a wide variety of plants but it hosts a series of shows that would entertain anyone interested (or bored from shopping)...hehe. One show is about this incredible man who piles stones one on top of another without falling over. He has this unbelievable grasp of the center of gravity on each stone or creation he does. Some garden owners will like it enough to have one in their garden. I know I would... if I have a garden and only if I can afford it. I do not know how much it will cost but in time when things are ready... i probably would ask. For now, I am just thrilled at watching and enjoying the magic this man has in his hands.

You know what?? I think... the man has laser vision and he uses this laser vision to glue those stones together. That's it... i'm sure of it. :)

oh my... those were really good! But I won't stay near it though, not when the wind is blowing in my garden (wishful thinking). Looking at them is one thing...understanding the science behind it is another.

The only thing that is keeping those stones from falling down is what we call center of gravity. The stones were arranged such that the combined center of gravity prevents it from falling. I will leave the rest of the explanations to Mr Google.

For now watch the man do magic on the following video.


jules said...

The man balances the stones using some tricks. The tricks he perfected by constant practice, that's for sure.

It's entertaining to watch him do his magic. I wonder if he has protege.

the donG said...

astig! galing naman nya. pero talagang matindi malamang ang practice nya dyan.

Lawstude said...

wow. this one is kinda unique and interesting. it really takes a lot of talent and creativity to do what the man in the photos do. excellent post and thanks for sharing.

EM said...

Practice ang mastery of the science of center of gravity.

Each year we go to the CNE and each time we see him do this and no one other. I hope he does, such talent needs to be handed down for posterity.

EM said...

Oo naman DonG. Siguro bawat bato kabisado nya kung saan ang concentration ng weight. Baka naman styrofoam yung mga bato na yan...hehe

EM said...

Thanks Lawstude. Parang di kapanipaniwala pero it can be explained. Sayang nga, di pwede magtanong.

Salamat sa pagbisita!

the donG said...

hehehe... baka nga styrofoam.

dyosa said...

oh wow, galing!

EM said...

You said it Dyosa! It's wow galing for that man to be able to do that. It's one skill not everybody can do.

thanks for dropping by.