Monday, June 30, 2008

WS#010: Buddy the Dog -- future so bright!

My daughter and our dog Buddy had fun with the camera this weekend.
Buddy's future looks bright, he gotta wear shades...hehe

Happy WS everyone!!!!!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Backyard BBQ - for the 2 graduates in the family

Two cousins just graduated from high school. Celebration is a must! They are both venturing to the next phase of their lives. One will be studying applied science and the other nursing. Wishing them both the best.
How do you know that a party is hosted by a pinoy?? See the arrow on the last picture above?? Only pinoys have that. :) hehe... it is what we call "pambugaw ng langaw", not really like a fly swatter but simply to get the flies away from food.
My aunt found a stick, cut some plastic bag into strips and tied them up at the end of the stick. Viola! instant fly .... repeler?!?! LOL i'm lost for english word to properly translate it.

The Kite Runner --- Poignant and Thought Provoking

“ I'm going to find a boy. His father meant a lot to me.”

I saw the movie last night. I told myself I will not watch movies that would made me cry but I was so curious about the story that I braved it anyway. And i deserved the tears I shed and all the discomfort associated with it. The story is so emotional, emotional in the saddest way. I could have run (like what my son did when the scenes are getting too uncomfortable) but I stayed glued on the scenes, of course, with a tissue in hand.

The story is about friendship. Friendship of two young boys in a land destined to undergo tumultuous challenges. The most interesting is the friendship of Amir and Hassan. Amir is rich and Hassan is their servants’ son. Both of them does not have a mother and Amir although has everything has longed for his father’s appreciation. Hassan on the other hand is so loyal to Amir. He cannot read and write like Amir but he is strong and brave. Their friendship is truly exceptional. Amir would read and tell Hassan all his stories and Hassan would never tire of listening. They loved flying kites. There is nothing Hassan will not do for Amir. But Amir and his fears has caused him to betray Hassan. Three bullies has doubted and taunted their friendship to the extent of hurting Hassan. That is the point where i started crying because Hassan has valiantly demonstrated his loyalty to his friend and at the same time Amir has failed him immensely by not coming to help him. That incident has changed their friendship. Hassan has to stay away for a while to nurse his hurt and Amir seemed to have taken this the other way. He hurt Hassan and provoked him to hurt him back but Hassan would rather hurt himself than hurt his friend. Amir went as far as setting his friend up for stealing his watch. This made Hassan and his father leave their household. I was really feeling so upset with Amir at this point. How can he be soooo blind?

Then the Russians came to Afghanistan. Amir and his father have to get out of their country. They went to America and never returned. He graduated, became a writer and got married. His father died without seeing his country again. Until a call came and it was his father’s friend from back home. He was called to come and visit him in Pakistan. He came back to visit and learned that Hassan has died in the hands of the Taliban. He died protecting the house and properties they left behind... and left a son. He also learned that Hassan was his brother. His father’s son from one of the servants. This revelation has added a thousand fold to the guilt he has. He has a nephew alone in a place that is never kind to orphans.

He received a letter from Hassan who since learned by self-taught how to read and write. The letter was sooo touching ... that’s it... I cried again. An excerpt of his letter goes like this:
“I dream that my son will grow up to be a good person, a free person. I dream that someday you will return to revisit the land of our childhood. I dream that flowers will bloom in the streets again... and kites will fly in the skies!”

And there he has decided...he need to find the boy. He needed to be brave this time and do the right thing. Stand up to something he holds dear in his heart. He will go back to face the Taliban and find his nephew. He was told that he’s in one orphanage but when he went there, the boy was already taken by an evil man. He went to find this man only to find out that this man is one of the bullies that have hurt Hassan and now he is slaving Hassan’s son too. He is determined to get the boy and got hurt in the process but they were able to get away. With bruised face and body he was able to get the boy out and brought him to America. The boy was broken but Amir knew that he will do his best to protect him and make him feel safe. That experience has made him brave and finally understood how to stand up for what is right and just no matter what danger lies ahead.

Lessons!!! Oh! How my eyes hurt! Even writing this has made me shed some tears again. Friendship is such a delicate thing. What is the problem? The problem is that Amir has kept a secret, a guilt that was rooted from his fear. This has prevented him from being truly happy. How can he release his soul from such torture? He said he was done with forgetting, he needs to face his fear and he did. A chance to redeem himself came and he grabbed it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ems pre-midterm exam inner conversations

here's the conversation in clearer words:

Ems Spirit: "Chop, chop guys! Hurry, faster! We are falling behind! Read more, understand more...."

Ems Brain: "Hold your horses! I have not worked this hard since university days! And that is bloody 20 years ago!!"

Ems Body: "Uh, guys??? Getting too much acid in the tummy department. Dizzyy, head aches...need to sleep..."

Em ended up at the doctors office which disappoints her spirits and bestowed relief of work on the brain. Everything will end tomorrow ...after the exam.... or so they thought...

only to get the news that exam was postponed for next week....... stress still prevails!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

WS#009 - Tennis Weekend

After indulging in good food yesterday, it's only fitting (to appease all the guilt and remorse) to play tennis today. So off we went to the nearest public tennis court. It is very fortunate of us to find it empty at around 1pm. Probably too bright and too hot for people to go out and have some exercise. Well...just our luck...we don't have to endure the social politics associated with public tennis courts. Not today...

For the first time since last year...the old tennis rackets and tennis balls have finally seen the light of day again! Oh! It was a breath of fresh air for them and I must say they are as good as I remember them. I might buy some new balls next time though.

I have a two year old Head Intelligence tennis racket that I like so much. It made my back hand so much better (as well as the sound of the ball bouncing on the tennis guts sounds so much better...hehe).

After an hour of rally... I guess I don't feel so guilty anymore..

....just exhausted and

1st day of Summer Feast

June 21 marks the 1st day of summer. It was a fine day, abit cloudy but it's not too humid. It's a perfect day to get together and enjoy some fun outside. It's my nephews birthday celebration too (his birthday was yesterday). Happy happy birthday to him!!! Our little batman hero! It was a fun day and a time to catch up with everyones happenings. To remind evryone of future get togethers this summer. Time to get the karaoke out and do a little rain dance...hehe.
It was a nice break from my looming anxiety I should say. I hate this dark clooud hovering above my head.... I would rather have it over with as soon as possible.... but... I still have 5 chapters to go and review... *ugh*

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Meet my little Pullo... and my anxiety :)

I am sooo excited….. and yet panicked. Excited because my new laptop came and I’m so eager to get acquainted with it. But… I can’t do that in full because in 5 days I will have my 2 hour mid-term exam. I have to review 9 chapters of grueling definitions, models, theories, and case studies. 9 chapters in 5 days gives me absolutely no time for me and my new friend “Pullo” (yup! I named my new laptop after my favorite character in Rome) to get to know each other as quickly as possible.

Pullo became a necessity for several reasons, each one varying in degree. The cause that made push into shove is when I enrolled in a course sponsored by the company I work in. Well, who would pass an opportunity like that, right? All I need to put in is effort and cost of books. I have a company issued laptop that I use at work but it is so heavy that carrying it every day would warrant visits to my chiropractor as well. Among the other reasons is that I cannot do all the things I need to study if I continue sharing computer with my daughter at home. My son has his own desk top computer so he doesn’t complain. My daughter doesn’t complain too…it’s me who is complaining because I have to wait for her to finish her homework before I can use the computer. If I stay up late using her computer, she stays up late too, this annoys me since she would chat and talk while I concentrate on what I’m doing. Since there are three students at home now… it’s better for peace and order’s sake to have my own computer/laptop. I needed something that is small and light and not so expensive. Something that I can bring anywhere while multitasking like in the kitchen while cooking, or in the balcony when I needed some fresh air or while doing the laundry or while waiting on my kids during their extra activities. I saw the 13 inch screen laptop of Dell and I decided it was the laptop for me. And that’s what I got…my little Pullo. :)

And how is the education system in Canada?? My kids been living in it for almost six years now. Me on the other hand still have to experience it. I am excited and at the same time anxious. I have been a very good student during my university days. I hope I haven't lost the flair.
I will soon find out after my dreaded midterm exam. Ugh!! Crunch time!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mirror or Lens?

Looks like a mirror but it's actually a lens. The kind used in cameras...for this particular lens, it is Infrared Camera (IR). It's made of silicon polished to a curve.
I had one scrapped from production and found a good use for it. It is now displayed on the wall of my cubicle facing me. It is so shiny that it looks like a mirror and the curve has allowed it to reflect a big area. Now I can see who's sneaking up behind me when I'm working on my lap top.
It's a lens but I am now using it as a mirror. Pretty sad for the lens fate. It could have gone airborne. Anyway...better than being in the garbage, eh?!

Sa Meeting Inaantok Part 2

Oras na naman ng meeting
Siniguradong may bitbit na kape
Pangalawa tasa na kaya umaasang gising
Upang di maidlip at tuluyang masisante

Siguro naparami ang aking nainom kasi
Sa upuan napansin, sarili’y di mapakali
Habang nag-e-explain puti kong katabi
Ako nama'y ikot ng ikot sa silya tila atubili.

“Ouch!” sa gitna ng kanyang speech biglang nyang bulalas!

“Ay! Did I just kick you?” sabi ko, pati ako nabigla!
Di kaya yung katabi nya sa kabila??ops wala pala.
“ Sorry, sorry”..tangi kong sambit
ako nga iyon ngunit di alam kung bakit.

Baka daw di ko gusto kanyang binibida
O may nabigkas na di kaaya aya?
Lahat po ng nasa meeting naghagalpakan ng tawa
Habang ang mukha ko pulang pula

Dyaskeng kape yan ako’y pinahiya
Magaling sa una, pagkatapos ay papalya
Kwidaw ako ngayon pagkat namumuro na.
Sa meeting pirmi nalang napupuna.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Best Ensaymada! Craving across the miles...

Our trip to the chinese store is like going to a treasure island. I can find almost anything from back home. It was like christmas .... judging from the loot I got to take home. I got some bangus na daing, pampangga longganisa, tocino, bagoong isda, alamang, grated cassava, andoks lechon sauce, and ligo sardines.
The highlight of the treasure hunt is the discovery of the Magic melt Ensaymada!! They are a real treat!! So soft and tasty. Oh! Taste of HOME... it was heaven.
I also bagged some Boy Bawang Cornic and Choco Mallows. I was really feeling Christmassy..hehe. Oh! Forget about diet! Indulge while it lasts.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chinese Tea Cup

We went to Hon Tai Supermarket last weekend and I saw this lovely tea cup! It is a set of three parts, the cup itself, an infuser and a lid. The infuser holds the tea leaves while it infuses the hot water.

I will be able to try the dried tea leaves that my chinese friends have given me.... with style...hehe.

WS#008 - going crazy over sushi and seaweeds

Two favorites......
Crab sushi and seaweed salad...

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Fruits Basket --- Manga? Anime? hold on...slowly..

If my son is head over heals on his PSP... my daughter is totally crazy over Fruits Basket. It's a series of Manga Books about .... hmmm...

This is totally embarassing. Just as I can't understand my son's daughters book seemed to be just as mind boggling. What I am sure is that the book looks like comics and it costs $12.00 each. She can finish 3 books in a day and that she would spend the next two weeks pleeding for me to buy her more. She would spend endless time in u-tube watching the anime and yesterday she showed me the above movie. It was entertaining I must say. Then she said it's a spoof of the real one. Huh? it's not the real story? She said the one with the lady's voice is actually a guy. Huh? again?? ...

Teenager craze is driving me weird....

Friday, June 13, 2008

Super Smash ...what??

I can't really understand this game. I guess my son was beaten by the computer... how? why? which one was my son again? He was playing alone and watching the screen makes me dizzy already. Earlier in the day, his friends were here and four of them were playing at the same time. The screen was a complete blurr to me..... how can they enjoy it?

The game should have a warning and it should go like this.... "not for moms with heart conditions or are violence intolerant".

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Araw ng Kalayaan ng Bayan kong Sinilangan

Ang larawan ay kagandahang loob ng aking kaibigan sa Pilipinas. Nag iisang larawan ng watawat ng Pilipinas na nasa aking pag iingat.

Kung titingnan ng mabuti ang larawan, tila may mensaheng ibig ipahiwatig. Rehas na bakal at ang watawat. Simbolo ng magkatunggaling kalagayan. Nasaan ako? Ano ang aking tinatanaw?

Kalayaan sa likod ng rehas na bakal........................

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally! They're up on the wall!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bahay by Gary Granada --- My Reality Check

Wish I could translate the lyrics to english. I need some reality check and this song and movie has brought me back to where I needed to stay... on the ground. Somehow.. I have gotten used to the pretty things, to all the comfort that my adoptive country has given me. To the extent of taking things for granted. I now may have been spared from seeing poverty at its worst but I have seen it when I was a child. I grew up almost falling to its trap. There was a time in my life that poverty has gripped my foot tight. I struggled, I persevered, I studied and I worked hard. I could never forget and this song can very much bring me back to those experiences. It also reminds me that alot of people are still struggling from poverty's grip back home. My heart and prayers goes out to them. Most specially to the children....k, i will cry now.

Here, when time for food donation comes ... I do not participate. For my food donations goes directly back home. I know where it is more needed.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

WS007 - Bitter Melon for dinner anyone??

Anyone likes bitter melon? I confess that I love it! Unfortunately, I'm the only one fond of it in the family. My two sweeties absolutely detest it! I cooked some for dinner over the weekend plus another dish for the kids.
Simple ingredients for the above dish. Plain, simple and delicious. Do you think so?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Book of the Moment

I am pretty used to being in the passenger side. Looking at all the nice things areound me, mind wandering to other places and occasionally napping while travelling to my destination. I am so comfortable that way. I don't want to stress myself with focusing on the road and on the traffic around me. But... and the big BUT! Driving in Canada is almost like a necessity. And being independent means I don't have to rely on people to drive me to where ever I want to go. I haven't heard any complaints from the persons who offers me a ride but I can't be forever asking and taking advantage of their kindness. So! With a heavy heart, I am embracing the road to being a responsible driver.

Getting a drivers licence in Toronto is a lengthy process. They use what they call Graduated licensing. If one has a licence to drive a car, it doesn't mean he can also drive a truck or a bus or a motorcycle. You need another kind of license for those vehicles. Since I only need to drive a car or a van, I am required to get the Class G Licence. Class G is composed of 2 levels namely G1 and G2. G1 being the lowest (and most restriction) and G2 (minimum restriction). Everyone getting the Class G will have to start with level G1.

Graduated licencing lets new drivers get driving experience and skills gradually. The two--step licensing process takes at least 20 months to complete. To apply for a licence, I must be at least 16 years old, pass a vision test and pass a test of my knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. Hence, I need to read the above pictured drivers manual to help me get acquainted with the rules of the road and traffic signs. After I pass thses tests, I will enter Level One and get a Class G1 licence. Level one lasts 12 months and I should take an approved driver education course to help me learn proper driving skills . Class G1 license holder must abide by the following rules:

1. Your blood alcohol level when driving should be ZERO.
2. You must not drive alone. An accompanying driver with a valid Class G (with at least 4 yrs experience) must accompany you.
3. each person in the vehicle must have a working seatbelt.
4. You must not drive on roads with a posted speed limit over 80km/h.
5. You must not drive between midnight and 5 AM.

Wow! Talk about restrictions! But after a year on G1 license (and following the rules), I can now take and pass another road test that will allow me to move to Level Two. At this time I will be given a Class G2 license. I still have to adhere to a few restrictions during this level. After 12 months again, I can take another road test to qualify for full licence priviledges. I must pass this test to get a full Class G license.

Just hearing about road tests from relatives who went through it gives me the creeps. It is not an easy test. The examiner is very strict. It's not surprising to hear about failing and getting the road test twice to pass. Nonetheless, I have to go through it as much as anyone. Unless .... I win the Lotto and hire my own driver!

Note: at the moment i'm still on page 39 of the drivers manual. 161 pages more.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Long Delayed Birthday Gift

My son really does not ask for anything. Three months ago was his birthday and he was asked what gift he would like to get. He said it's okay, he does not need anything. How convinient is that?
"Hmmm.... are you sure? No special game? No special electronic gadget?" He said he's okay with what he has at the moment. Good enough! No need to insist and I did not raise the question ever again. He had the chance and that's it.
Last week, a PSP came out with a new design and he fell in love with it. He started with hints. Praising this new design and how cool it is and how he like it too much. One day he came home flapping his math test infront of me. He happily announced that he got a grade of 97 on this test! I said, "good work!! I'm so proud of you!". He stayed there all wide eyed, smiling! "Can I have something, huh? For my grade?". I somehow knew it was coming.
That is the story behind the PSP. I figured, since he still have to receive a birthday present and that he's been doing so good in school, he can have the PSP that he wants. Happy birthday and Good work son!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hindi Ko Na Alam

Kay tagal na lumipas ang panahon
Ang nakaraan ay tila panaginip
Di ko na matandaan sa tinagaltagal
Mga rosas na alaala
Totoo ba o kathang isip lamang

Paano na ngaba ang magmahal?
Lalo na kung paano mahalin?
Mula ng masaktan at dayain
Sa laro ng puso sumumpang di bibigyang pansin.

Puso ay sadyang parang bato
Damdamin malamig na tila yelo
Hindi sa ako’y nagrereklamo
Nasanay na at ako ay kuntento.

Ngunit sa likod ng aking gunita
Bahagya at matulin na parang bula
May alab at pitik ng kaba
Damdaming kakaiba.

Mabilis at saglit
Darating at mawawalang ring bigla
Ano kaya yon at bakit ganoon?
Saan ito patungo at saan paroroon?

Hindi ko na alam
Hindi ko na alam
Kung paano ang mahalin
O di kaya’y magmahal.


Ang tula ay kathang isip lamang po. :) Kung may natamaan...hindi po ako yun!!! LOL

Steamed Tilapia --- My Children’s Fav

Steamed tilapia is the easiest dish to prepare. It is healthy and a sure winner with kids. My two kids love it! It’s especially good with steamed rice. The ingredients are not fussy and cooking is a piece of cake. I can cook it during weekdays too.


1 whole Tilapia cleaned
½ cup soy sauce (if you save a special soy sauce, feel free to use it)
2 stalks spring onions cut in whatever cut you like…experiment!
thumb size ginger julianed
1 tsp sesame oil (ordinary vegetable or canola oil would do too)

Cooking direction:

I. Steaming the Tilapia

Place enough water in a large wok and put in any spice you have in your pantry that will be good to cover the fishy smell. I used a sprig of rosemary and two slices of lemon. I used my large wok but if a steamer is available, it would definitely do.

Now, for the Tilapia fish. I made a couple of cuts on each side of the fish so it would cook faster. I also placed a slice of lemon inside the fish cavity. I placed the fish on aluminum foil that is slightly oiled with sesame oil (not necessarily sesame, any oil will do). This will prevent the fish’s skin to stick on the foil. I did not put any salt on the fish at this time because the sauce that I will be preparing will be enough to provide the needed flavor. Let the fish cook in steam for about 30 to 45 minutes. Make sure you have a tight cover for the wok. The steamer is already set up for a good steam temperature so it won’t be a problem.

II. Preparing the sauce

In a sauce pan, combine the soy sauce, half the onion spring, the julianed ginger and the sesame oil. You may add water if you needed to lessen the saltiness of the soy sauce. Boil the mixture just enough to combine all the flavors. Set aside and keep warm

III. Presentation

When the fish is cooked (if the fish flaked easily), transfer to a serving platter. Pour the prepared sauce over the fish and place the rest of the spring onion on top. Best serve hot.

Happy eating!


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Riptide a.k.a Cliffhanger

This is my two kid’s favorite ride. It was previously named Cliffhanger when the park was owned by Paramount. It is now called Riptide. The previous name would have more impact I think. I have not tried this ride and I have no intention of trying it ever. Just looking at it makes me woozy and nauseous. The kids enjoy it immensely though! Maybe I’m just too old for it.
See it in action:

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho -- Magical!!

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it…..”

I finished this book in two weeks. It’s a nice change from the two Neil Gaimans books that preceded it. Paulo ( I should mention they have the same first name as my son ) Coelho is such a breath of fresh air. The Alchemist is the first Paulo Coehlo work that I have read and I’m very satisfied with it. Each page tells me a lesson about life and about faith. I still have one more of his books for reading and I’m already excited on what I can find and learn. I am partial to magical stories because they make my dreams more real and it makes me feel hopeful and happy.

The alchemist tells about the adventure of a shepherd boy named Santiago. He had decided to be a shepherd so he could travel and learn about places and people. He loves his sheep, his book and his own time under the sun. His life was simple and in predictable pattern until he had a dream. A dream that happened twice and made him wondering. From then he met a King disguised as a pauper who told him to follow his Personal Legend. He realized that his personal legend is to find his treasure in Egypt’s pyramids. In following his Personal Legend he was able to go to Africa, to the dessert and to Egypt. Through this travel he learned a lot from the people and from nature. He learned the language of the world. Through his travels he met good and bad people. He met his love in a oasis in the dessert and was challenged more than ever to go and further pursue his dream. He met the alchemist and learned from him. He was able to communicate with nature. Until at the end he came finally to the pyramids of Egypt. There was a twist at the end though. The pyramid was only able to give him the location of his treasure.

The dilemma of the story is about following Personal Legends. For some dreams maybe too big or just too hard to achieve that we just give up and turn our back to it. But by turning our back we begin a life of misery and a constant nagging of “what-ifs” in the back of our minds. The boy in the story went for his dream even though the dream is bigger that him. He believed that if he wanted something very bad, the universe will conspire to help him achieve his dream. It sounded so easy, one might say. But I had my share of the same story. One of my biggest dreams before was to be able to go and live in Canada. I have seen through my relatives’ stories how good it is to live there. But I have a good job, a family and we live fine. It’s just too hard and expensive to go there. Until the biggest challenge of my life happened. My dream of going away has returned and it’s all I wanted. I prayed and I cried thinking of how and when. Maybe I have wanted it enough that the universe did conspired to help me achieve it. My aunts in Canada called and promised to help me. My colleagues at work asked me if I wanted to go to this agency for immigration. But it wasn’t that easy…it is also true that as you near your dream, the harder it takes to reach it. It has caused me nights of sleeplessness, constant crying and praying. I was already in the land of my dreams and I still have to establish my right to live here. It was hard starting from nothing. Hoping for the kindness of other people to trust me and give me a chance to prove myself worthy of being a part of this new world.
Here in the land of my dreams…. I am happy and content. I can continue dreaming… and maybe… if I wanted it bad enough……magic will happen.

WS #006 - Wonderlands Biggest Stuffed Toy Prize

These gorilla stuffed toys were cute but ... they are as huge as my kids. They will surely occupy a single bed. Taken from our weekend trip to Wonderland. This is part of a series of posts about this famous north american theme park.

Wonderland Canada --- Bring a friend for $10 Day

Wonderland is Canada's version of Disneyland. It's a 330 acre theme park located in Vaughan, Ontario Canada. That would be 41 km from where we live and would take about 45 minutes to get there by car. My kids absolutely adores it. Every year since we migrated (that would be 6 years ago), we would buy season passes so we can fully enjoy the fun and thrills it offers. Going there once is never enough. Season pass allows us to visit as many as we like for the whole operating season. The season starts May and ends October. Last Friday, they have a special promo. Season pass holders were allowed to bring a friend for only $10. That is really a good deal considering the regular cost of a one day pass is 3x that. And the more the merrier. My son was able to bring his best friend and my daughter met with her classmates.

The park showcases 200 attractions that suits all ages. In the six years that my kids spent there...they always look forward to the next one because they will be able to try bigger rides. The above picture was taken from the parking lot. It's still early, hence some areas are still empty. By mid day, this park will be swarming with people.

The mountain and falls marks the center of Wonderland. It also house one ride that they call Thunder run. It is a roller coaster going into the mountain and around it. Not too high and no loops. The map at the right shows all the rides and attractions. Click it to enlarge.

I am only a ground spectator and not really a thrill rider. I cannot handle the physical abuse to my body brought about by centrifuge and gravity. I only participate on the water slides in Splash Works which we did not visit since it's still cold. We went to the medieval Fair first and encountered the first thrill ride named Riptide. I will post this separately. I will probably make several posts just to cover all the attractions this park has to offer. I cannot say which one's my favorite for they are surely not. But I can say which ones were my kids favorite. I enjoy walking around, looking at the faces of people before, during and after each thrill ride. The whole place is screaming .... literally and mtaphorically of fun and adventure.

Below is a video taken near the entry of the park showing the International Street.