Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Canada Day Picnic at the Bike Trail Park

The park is within view from our balcony on the 10th Floor. Can't see the trail but the trees and foliage are well within sight. The park is called Warden Woods Park. It's an 85.136 acre park with a small creek flowing through it. It's agood place not only to go biking but walking too. Lots of dog walkers also visit the trail everyday.

We set up camp and prepared the bikes. 3 families and 8 bikes. Of course not all can ride ... some will have to relax or play badminton.

The trail looks intimidating... makes you wonder what's at the end of the 3 km trail and what will you see along the way? I'm all ready for a small adventure!

The trail follows a small creek and it's noise is a constant company along the way.

Oh! We found a stair to heaven!!! hehe. My daughter is right at the top... do you see her?? There are so much trees and shades that anyone can blend in with nature.

We continue to ride .... so far so good. We came by a field of wild flowers! We had to stop and smell the flowers of course! I will write about what we found in another post

Almost at the end of the 3 km trail. It wasn't that far after all. Infact, we can do this everyday!

What a nice sight!


the donG said...

nice view from up there. the bike entices me to go out! i love the bike ever since when i was a kid. my dream is to bring my bike to sagada.

looks like you had a nice nature tripping day there!

Jules said...

What a way to celebrate a happy day. Green things growing all around and the blue sky high above. Its like a dream. Thanks for sharing your special day.

EM said...

I bet Sagada is a special place to cycling DonG. I hope you can soon because we are sure that the pictures you will be taking are great!

It's always a treat to be with nature. If only we can go to the beach as you do! We have lakes here but it is never the same as the sea or the ocean.

EM said...

It's a dream well within reach Jules. We have lots of these there back home. And much prettier and wilder. Yun ngalang...walang bike trails. It's green now because it's the height of summer.

thanks for dropping by jules.