Friday, July 18, 2008

Biko ala ems

I still remember when i used to watch my father cook this native dessert. He came from a southern province of the Philippines where almost all their dishes includes coconut milk and would always be spicy. As much as I can, I stayed away from the spicy element but I absolutely adored the coconut milk. I would usually sit by or help him out whenever he decides to cook his favorite spicy coconut dishes. One I dearly miss is the "ginataang malunggay and sitaw" . It is a spicy dish consisting of Maluggay leaves, string beans, smoked fish and coconut milk. Malunggay leaves is not an easy find here. When i do find would cost so much. But it is not so bad because i can very much cook the dessert my dad would cook during special ocations. The "Biko" made of sticky rice, coconut milk and brown sugar.

The sticky rice is cooked first like an ordinary rice but water is reduced a bit.

Then the coconut milk and brown sugar are combined in a wok. Simmered until it is reduced to a thicker sauce. It's like when the coconut will soon start letting oil. Anis seed is added during this time. The combination of the aroma of the anise and the coconut is so good. I usually set aside a portion of this sauce for topping later on. By this time, the cooked sticky rice is mixed in. It needs to be mixed throroughly until every garin is coated with the sauce. The half cooked rice will further absorb the sauce and be fully cooked.

This is the finished product! Home made Biko. Simple but satisfying. I brought a tray at work and it was gone before I had my back turned.


Anonymous said...

Is it similar to biko? It looks absolutely deliciousssss!!!

marites1034 said...

one of my fave meryenda ang kalamay:) btw, got in here from Weekend Snapshot. Bato Bato Pik is very catchy and it reminds me of my "magulong bata" days.

EM said...

OO nga...biko din tawag but somehow kalamay has caught hold in my mind. Sometimes I just cook ... i guess i have to change my title...

you should taste it... :)

EM said...

Hi Marites! I'm glad you like kalamay or biko too! Jules has reminded me that it is biko and kalamay i guess is the more gouey type.

anyway...yup my blog title was created in the inspiration of my kids and the importance of choices.

hope you come by again. and i'll be seing you in weekend snapshot!