Sunday, July 13, 2008

WS#012 - Children are like balloons

Children are like balloons with a message inside.

They start out small and we inflate themwith something of ourselves.

As we pour our lives into them-they spread sunshine,

give joy, brighten the days of grandmas and grandpas and cheer up the sick.

They remind us of being young and that life is fragile.

They celebrate living!

When discouraged, they are like a balloon that deflates.

A simple openness allowsus to refill them…with hopefor the future,

a feeling that they are special and the knowledge that God loves them.

Their enthusiasm is like a balloon carried on the wind with never ending energy.

They sway and drift.

It’s then that they need our prayers and loving guidance,

without too much pressure that would cause them to burst.

The time comes sprinkled with tears and joy,

when others are able to read the message we have written on their hearts.

So we let go and let God have His way

With our precious balloons…not the end…Truly the beginning!


Poem is courtesy of Florage by Gay Christie site. The two children on the picture are my nephews. Both six years old and are the youngest of our clan here in Canada. They were both new borns when we first set foot on this land. Now they are vivacious children continiuosly showering our lives with joy and hope. It was taken during the surprise 60th birthday party for our aunt (their grandma lola). They also did a small dance number for her which really made us proud and happy (see previous post).

Happy WS everyone!


SandyCarlson said...

Excellent post. Thanks.

Juliana said... son also love balloons.

Mine in here Thanks

Anonymous said...

you were right...children likes balloons.

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EM said...

Thanks Sandy!

EM said...

Don't they always Juliana?

They are facinated by the color, the softness and by the fact that it can fly away!!

Thanks for visiting!

EM said...

Isn't it both ways? Children likes balloons at the same time they are like one.

Thanks for visiting!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

lovely thoughts

yvelle said...

nice pics, nice post. have a great week ahead. happy ws!

Jeanne said...

my daughter loves balloons :)

My WS Entry is here

EM said...

Thanks Marcia,

Happy WS to you!

EM said...

thanks Yvelle,

Children are such inspiration. When they are included, the nicest things comes out.

Happy WS!

EM said...

Hi Jeanne,

I don't know why balloons have such an attraction to children.

Happy WS!

Bela said...

i agree with this...

Mine is up. Hope you can drop by

EM said...

Thanks for agreeing Bela!

I will drop by in a jiffy!

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sweetytots said...

yes, true... childrens are like baloons.. sometimes when they have tantrums they also pop!mine is up too!

EM said...

Thanks for the comment Architec. hehe balloon popping can be loud and annoying. I'd rather leave them be to release some air.

Anonymous said...

My boys love balloons!!

The poem is heartwarming. It conveys what children are like. Tender, fragile but full of hope and love. A living manifestation of unconditional love.

I agree with architect. Kids are sometimes like balloons when they have tantrums :-0

Unknown said...

Their enthusiasm is like a balloon carried on the wind with never ending energy.>>> nice line.

it was my first time to read an article that related the kids to balloons. nice one.

EM said...

Hi DonG!

It was first for me too! I googled something about children and alloons and that's the first that popped up. It was a lucky find and i totally agree with it.

Thanks for dropping by !!! Have a good day!

EM said...

Hi Juleste,

Kids and balloons...they are inseparable. And yes, it is a striking comparison. I love specially the part where they start small and as we put air into them (which is our love) we have placed a part of us in them. And that is sooo true! And when it's time for them to fly away, they will take some part of us to start a new beginning... isn't it sweet??

we don't want balloons popping!! When they have tantrums, it's for a reason and most probably we've put too much pressure on them. let them deflate a little...hehe.

thanks for sharing your thoughts for it always energizes mine.