Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My own Bacharach.... in the making :)

My son was practising his piano lessons last night and I decided to take a video. It's not perfect but listening to him play classic music makes me so proud. I hope he continue to find interest in playing and pass down the love of music to his children and grandchildren. I have never had the opportunity to play any musical instrument. I very much wanted to but its financially not possible. I am thankful that I was able to see my dream through my children. Each time I hear a note emmanating from his room sends streaks of joy in my heart. He may not end up playing in a symphony orchestra ... it really does not matter ... as long as he will play for his family. It is my dream to buy him a proper grand piano. In time... for now, he has to continue practising and honing his skill.

This coming Saturday is his cousins debut ball. He will play "The way you look tonight" for her. I am so nervous and excited at the same time. It will surely end up here in my blog so watch for it.


juleste said...

Congratulations for having a talented son. I'm sure he'll go a long way in his musical journey. With a family that supports him, he'll definitely be an awesome pianist someday. Being in a symphony orchestra is not impossible as long as he sets his goal one note at a time.

The piece, if I'm not mistaken is the theme song of a popular movie... based on one of Shakespeare's classic tragedies. Popularized by Johny Mathis, it landed in Billboard #1 when Henry Mancini recorded its instrumental version.

Your son has an excellent choice of song. I wonder if he plays pop song too.

I remember a pupil of mine who played Bamboo's 'Pinoy Ako' and the kids in the audience sang while he was playing. His mother was nervous but she's the proudest that moment.

Thank you for sharing that wonderful piece.

the donG said...

clap clap clap! yihaa! they say people who knows how to play the piano are romantic.

EM said...

Thank you very much JULESTE!!

hearing him play even just in my precense is enough for me. It will be upto him to pursue more and if he so decides I will be in full support.

the piece he's playing is "A Time for Us".. it's also the piece he played in a competition that he won 3rd. That was two years ago.

He can play a wide variety of songs. But i still have to hear them in full. He played "moon River" for my aunt who turned 60.

My only concern right now is that he's seemed more interested in playing his computer games. He needs to get his priorities straight. I always remind him that its about time that he decides which activities he can use to his advantage when he goes out in the world and concentrate on it. I even went to the extent that when he begins to pursue girls...he cannot use his talent on computer games but when he plays piano for her...he will surely win her heart. Do you think it make sense?

thanks for not just dropping by...for the tea time you spent with me in my blog!

EM said...

Hi DonG!

Yan nga sinasabi ko ke Juleste. Sure shot sa chicks and pianista! at yan din ang sinasabi ko sa anak ko. Pero ayaw ko naman sya maging playboy...

salamat sa palakpak DonG!