Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The closest we can get to Phil Mangoes

A thousand miles!!!!!

Sad to say that the mangoes above were not the Philippine mangoes. They are a different kind. The kind that tastes more like indian mangoes back home. But huge ones!! We usually make them as a salad. With onions, tomatoes, and sometimes a hint of anchovies or fermented shrimp. It is not even close enough to our carabao mangoes back home. They are mangoes none the less and it is better than nothing I should say.

The memories of mangoes back home haunts me in the most longing way.... :(


Anonymous said...

Then I'll just eat the real ones for you. The green varieties, with bagoong; and the ripe, luscious ones with suman. Or perhaps I can have a plain mango shake.

I guess the ones you've got came from Mexico.

EM said...

Torture..... sheer torture....


Anonymous said...

"haunts me in the most longing way.... :("

It sounds like someone who is 'naglilihi'. Perhaps its just really the memory of enjoying crunchy manggang kalabaw dipped in spicy bagoong.

Makahanap nga sa Libertad ng mangga at bagoong :-)..

Oman said...

parang yung kuya ko. lagi nag cracrave sa tuyo at pusit. he is in chicago but he can't fry those things 'coz his neighbors always complain.

kain ka na lang madami pag uwi mo ng pinas.

have a nice day.

EM said...

Hay naku Juleste! Sarapan mo pakikuhanan ng pic paraman lang at least sa picture makita ko...imagine ko nalang yung eating experience.

happy snacking!

EM said...

hi lawstud!

I can very well imagine your kuya's situation. I can't fry those here too as I live in an apartment. If i want to eat some i would have to go to my relatives house and they cook it out in the backyard.

Pag uwi ko...siguradong itotodo ko na ang kain nyan.

salamat sa pagdalaw!

Unknown said...

it'll surely hunt the filipinos abroad. who would want to miss those sweet tasty mangoes of the philippines.

EM said...

You said it DonG!

Nowhere else i can find such mangoes from all the places i've been.

Have a nice day!